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How to earn your bunny's trust


The first thing most new bunny owners are tempted to do is pick up and cuddle their adorable pet. However, handling a rabbit must be undertaken with great care and caution as rabbits are delicate animals who can become frightened when handled by humans.

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How to train your rabbit


Rabbits love interacting and being social with their owners. When spending one on one time with your rabbit it can be fun for you both to learn some tricks. Here’s our how to guide.

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Keeping your rabbit’s teeth healthy


Rabbits are prone to dental issues, but it’s often easy to miss the signs. Here are some helpful hints on how to maintain your rabbits teeth and spot some of the symptoms when there’s a problem.

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Flystrike in rabbits


Flystrike is a condition caused by flies laying eggs on the rabbit, which then hatch into maggots. This is very painful for the rabbit and be fatal if not caught and treated early.

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