Horse Grooming Insurance

For both freelance and employed horse groomers, protection is a must. Your business needs to be protected against loss, damage and personal injury which can all damage your business.

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What is Horse Grooming Insurance?

Horse grooming insurance is a policy that covers professional groomers against every kind of financial expense for lawsuits, public liability, equipment costs, and much more.

The professional does not only require extreme care but also has high chances of damage. Thus, horse groomers need to ensure they do not end up in a legal issue because of all this. A good alternative to ensure financial stability is horse grooming insurance.

Get Insurance for Your Horse Grooming Business


Our Coverage Includes

Public Liability

The most common concern for horse grooming professionals is any kind of public liability that the horse’s under-grooming may cause. This includes damage to public health and property.

It is because groomers are responsible for damage caused by the pet under their care. They need to provide for all compensations, which can amount to thousands of pounds on average.

Professionals end up paying large amounts in these kinds of lawsuit cases. However, professionals need to ensure they have alternatives to ensure better operations. A good option is the horse grooming insurance policy, which covers them financially.

Most of these policies begin with at least £100,000 as a starting amount. However, the exact amount differs for each insurance policy.

Care and Custody Coverage

A pet under a groomer’s care is directly their responsibility. Not only their actions but pet safety is also obligated to the horse groomers. Like other living beings, horses can also face health damage, require medical attention, or simply pass away during the grooming and care.

This can land professionals in a lot of claim compensations, debts, and much more. Thus, these professionals need to have an alternative source to cover them financially. The insurance policies cover horse groomers against all kinds of care and custardy issues and help you stay financially secure.

Equipment Coverage

Horse grooming is a difficult task that requires a lot of essentials and tons of horse grooming equipment. However, business owners can sometimes lose or damage their equipment, costing them hundreds of pounds.

While this may not seem like a huge deal, it can be a big problem for business owners. The average cost of these grooming tools and equipment easily ranges to a thousand pounds if the professional has the restock on everything.

Fortunately, the horse grooming insurance policies provide a good option for its professionals. They can compensation amount for every time they damage or lose their equipment, and get it replaced. The equipment coverage also makes it easier for horse groomers to stay stress-free if they cannot find the tools they need.