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Yes, but if there are any open or ongoing claims it will affect the claimable period.

Complete the online form here or alternatively, give us a call on 01444 708840.

No, we do not have any cancellation charges.

Yes, if you have paid for more cover than is required you will be given a refund for any days of cover not taken. This will be refunded by the same method of payment the policy is paid by.

Get in touch with as soon as possible to action the cancellation. Cancellations cannot be backdated and will be handled in line with the policy terms and conditions.


Veterinary fee claim forms for pets are available to download from Make a claim here. For all other types of claim, please call us on 01444 708840 and the team can advise on the claims process.

Yes, when you complete the claim form, there is a section you complete to advise who to make the claim payment to. This can be the vet, and if requested, they will be required to supply their bank details when completing their part of the claim form. Claims are paid directly into the bank account by bank transfer.

Vet fee claims are generally settled within 5 working days subject to all forms being fully completed and the required documents supplied. We will keep you updated during the claims process and if any further information is requested from third parties potentially causing a delay.

If you have said you are happy for us to email you, you will be emailed updates on your claim. Alternatively, we may telephone or post you updates on your claim.

No but vet fee claims are generally turned around within 5 working days (often less if all the information is fully completed and enclosed). Call us on 01444 708840 if you would like to discuss your claim further.


Your policy can either be paid through 12 monthly payments (interest free) or in full by a debit or credit card (no additional charge).

No, all of our policies are available with 12 monthly interest free payments (0% APR).

If you have opted to pay by direct debit, your first payment will be collected within 10 days of the policy starting and the date will be detailed within the application process and stated on the policy documents. If you have opted to pay yearly by card, the payment will be processed upon completion of the application.

Yes, we can collect direct debits on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. This can be updated after the first payment has been collected.

It is a government introduced tax on insurance policies which every insurance provider is required to charge. VAT is not applicable to insurance, so instead IPT is charged. IPT amounts are passed onto HMRC by the insurance provider.


Lifetime cover is available for cats and dogs on all of our insurance plans except Economy. It is not available for horses and exotic pets. Full cover details are shown during the online quote process and in the quote email.

We always offer our best quote price based on the cover requested and pet information provided. If you have another quote you would like to compare and discuss, please call us on 01444 708840.

If you can’t find your pet in the breed or species list, please give us a call on 01444 708840 to allow us to look into if we can put cover in place for your pet.

No, each pet is quoted for and insured under a separate policy.

Yes, a 10% discount can be applied to each policy when multiple pets are insured with us, please call us on 01444 708840 to enable us to apply the discount.
Multi-pet discount applies to cat, dog, and exotic insurance policies only.


Renewal terms are issued 21 days before the renewal date and will detail any action required from you. Generally, policies paid by direct debit will automatically renew and you need to do nothing further and policies paid by card will require payment to be made over the telephone on or before the renewal date.

If you have said you are happy for us to email you, renewal terms will be emailed to you. Otherwise, they will be posted to the address we hold on our records.

If the policy was paid by direct debit, the policy will be automatically renewed on the same payment method. If the policy was paid by card we will require payment to be made over the telephone on or before the renewal date for cover to continue.

Policies are reviewed at renewal and the premium is likely to be increased if there has been a claim. We carry out annual reviews of our products and pricing and any changes will be shown at renewal of the policy (this can be price increases, decreases, cover level and excess changes).

If you previously paid by card and your renewal date has passed, a new policy will be required which can either be taken out online or call us on 01444 708840. If you previously paid by direct debit and the instruction remains live with the bank, the policy should have automatically renewed and please call us on 01444 708840 to confirm.

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