Why insure your exotic pet with British Pet Insurance?


How Much Does Your Exotic Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of your exotic pet insurance varies based on various factors. Commonly, these factors include the breed, age, average health, lifestyle, and care levels of your exotic pet.

For instance, it may be harder to find pet insurance for bearded dragons older than 20 years. This is because older lizards usually have poorer health, and are at a higher risk of having medical issues.

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Owning an exotic pet can be a fun and rewarding experience

However, if they suffer an illness or injury, it can also be stressful and expensive.

This is where we can help.

Our sole focus is pet insurance to ensure we understand and cater to you and your exotic pet’s needs.

We aim to make the claim process smooth, quick, and easy so that you can concentrate on the health of your little friend.

British Pet Insurance Services can provide the support you and your pet need, whether with your insurance cover, making a claim or just helpful advice along the way.


What is Exotic Pet Insurance and What Does It Cover?

It is essential to assess what exotic pet insurance and coverage owners can get with it. This may include coverage for illness, injury, accident extra. The exotic pet insurance is a little similar to the traditional pet insurance you can find in the UK.

However, the only difference is that exotic pets usually require more care from their pet owners, leading to more expenses than traditional pet owners.

Therefore, a standard vet may not provide adequate care for your special pet. You need to find professionals specialising in your exotic pet who know how to take care of it properly.

Exotic pets increased by 60% in the UK, increasing the demand for exotic pet insurance policies. It is essential to understand your coverage before choosing an exotic pet insurance policy for your pet.

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What Does Exotic Pet Coverage Include?

Following some of the expenses that your Exotic Pet insurance plans can cover

Vet Treatment

The most common reason why most pet owners reach out to exotic pet policies is that the expenses of vets are quite high. Most pet owners in the UK cannot afford such high rates; therefore, they need to look for other alternatives.

Having exotic pet insurance provides you with sufficient financial coverage to take your special pet to their designated vet any time you want. You only have to pay a small amount as premium payment, while the insurance providers take care of everything else.

Death by Accident costs

Accidents, damage, and injuries are common expenses for exotic pets. It is because these pets usually have a mind of their own and can wander off into danger. This can also lead to health damage, death, or other kinds of compromises.

Exotic pet insurance provides complete coverage for these kinds of accidental damages in case your pets suffer a serious injury.

Public Liability

Pet can become rampant and damage other people or their properties. This could result in a lawsuit that can cost you thousands of pounds on average. The exotic pet insurance coverage provides these pet owners with necessary pet coverage while keeping their situation in mind.


Exotic pets have a good market value, which is why they are usually at a higher risk of being stolen or straying away. The exotic pet insurance coverage plans provide complete financial assistance in case of theft, robbery, or if your pet goes missing.

 It may also provide you with advertisement costs to find your pet. Some of the insurance policies provide for pet replacement costs in case you are unable to find your exotic pet.