As part of Petcover Group’s acquisition of Brooks Braithwaite earlier this year, Pet Business policies are now only available through Brooks Braithwaite. In addition to the pet businesses covered by British Pet Insurance, Brooks Braithwaite also provides insurance for boarding kennels, catteries, animal clubs, shows and more!

If you already hold a pet business policy with British Pet Insurance, this is valid up to the date stated on your policy. When it comes to the time to renew, our team will be in touch to help you with the transition to Brooks Braithwaite.

Comprehensive range of plans

Comprehensive Pet Business Insurance

tailored to suit all needs and budgets.

Insuring your pet business has never been easier.


Insurance cover for your pet business, tailored to you

If animals are at the heart of your business, considering taking out pet business insurance to protect your business is just as important as the care you put into looking after your clients.

This is where we can help.

Petcover Group not only specialises in dog insurance but also pet business insurance, and we know just what questions to ask in order to tailor your insurance cover to suit your specific pet-related business needs.

Our cover can protect dog walkers, groomers and a whole menagerie of pet-related businesses, large or small. We can help you look after your business, staff and income – all in one easy-to-understand policy.

Benefits of Pet Professional Cover

Following are some of the most common benefits of pet care insurance policies that business owners should keep in mind.

Public Liability

There is a chance that you could land in serious financial trouble if someone files a lawsuit against you. This includes various scenarios. For instance, it could apply to public property or individual damage when a pet is under your care. This applies to groomers, pet walkers, and several other pet-related professionals.

 Public liability is the most costly one, which is why most professional insurance companies provide coverage starting from £1 million and can increase as high as £10 million in most cases.

The public liability will pay for expenses, settlements, and coverage costs in case your pets end up destroying someone’s property or injuring them on your watch.

Care and Custody Insurance

Care and custody are the professional’s responsibility when they are taking care of the pet. Therefore, all the damages, injuries, and costs inflicted by pets during this time undergo the owner’s name. Pet owners need to take care of these pets or pay for the damages caused by them.

 The more pets you handle, the more likely you have to pay for these costs as well. We suggest you take a good look at the coverage plans provided by your insurance provider for the care and custody insurance.

It also applies to home boarding professionals that keep pets for adoption, and take care of them. The insurance policies can help provide for lost pets and maximize financial stability in a tight situation.

Loss of Key and equipment

Losing keys and equipment is a common concern for professionals in the pet care industry. Loss of key and equipment essentials is a great alternative for business owners. This clan collectively cost pet business owners thousands of pounds on average.

Therefore, a good professional insurance policy ensures you get substantial coverage for these expenses for as long as you want. They can help provide for new equipment, key forging, lock replacements, and tons of other expenses that go unnoticed otherwise.


Award-Winning Pet Insurance - British Pet Insurance

Taking care of unwanted, accidental expenses as a pet owner is a big concern. Therefore, relying on a professional service such as British Pet Insurance is a great idea for you if you want to secure your finances.

We can help you select the best coverage plans, and improve your overall financial security. Ensure reaching out to us for more information now.