Horsebox Insurance

Not only does insurance for your house matter, but also expensive accessories such as your horse's horsebox which can cost well over £100k. Insure your horse box to relieve stress on the road and off the road.

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Horsebox Insurance Explained

A horsebox is a trailer or vehicle where you can place your horse when you need to transport it to another location. While it is a great way for easy transport with your horses, there is a lot of responsibility with it as well. For starters, all horsebox owners need to have horsebox insurance policies.

The insurance policies differ in prices and premiums depending on the kind of driver operating the horsebox, the kind of vehicle you use, and many others. Investing in these horsebox insurance policies is a great way to keep your horsebox safe, and cover any kinds of damages caused by your horsebox trip.

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Benefits of Horsebox Insurance

Following are the top benefits of investing in horsebox insurance for your pet horse.

Driver Coverage

A horsebox insurance policy covers your drivers. This includes any scenarios where your drivers have an accident, get injured, get sick, or face any other trouble during the travel. This is great especially if you travel in a horsebox frequently and want to ensure you stay safe during trips.

Repair Coverage

While horseboxes are a safe vehicle option for your horse, they can still get into an accident. These accidents no matter how small can cost thousands of pounds as a settlement amount on average. Repairing the horsebox can rip you off your saving, there is a lot more that counts if you have a severe accident.

Fortunately, the horsebox insurance policies provide drivers with any repair costs required because of a possible accident. This is a great addition considering repairing horseboxes is fairly costly.

Fire Theft and Vandalism Coverage

Horsebox trips can be quite unpredictable considering you could land in serious trouble if a fire breaks out. Similarly, someone could still your horsebox, costing you thousands of pounds in a single incident.

Moreover, cases of vandalism and harm to property including the horsebox itself are also a big concern. A good quality horsebox insurance policy provides for all of these costs and ensures that you stay financially covered in case something goes south during your horsebox transportation trip.

Windscreen Damage Coverage

Fixing a horsebox windscreen is a costly job. The biggest problem is that driving on the road can be risky at times and can often damage your windscreen completely. The average repair cost of a windscreen is around £250+, which increases significantly when it comes to horsebox insurance.