Date: 19/03/19
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Tortoise insurance: the do's and don'ts

Why choose British Pet Insurance Services for tortoises?

Do you own a tortoise?  Or are you looking to buy one?
Even though your tortoise is currently healthy, things can change, and vet bills can quickly add up in the event of an injury or illness. In the event of an injury or illness vet bills are often unexpected and an unpleasant surprise.

Why do I need tortoise insurance?

You may think you don’t need insurance for your tortoise and that it’s a waste of money. Or you may think that it’s a lengthy process to get a quote and a hassle to complete all the documentation; and it can be if you choose the wrong insurance company.
That’s why British Pet Insurance do things differently. With your exotic pet’s best interests in mind British Pet Insurance offer quality cover at a price that’s right for you by giving multiple options; meaning you don’t pay for the cover you don’t need. They also promise a 5-day turn around for vet fee claims. As well as a quick and easy quote process online, or over the phone with one of our friendly team members here in the UK. They cut out the jargon and phone calls aren’t scripted.

Where can I get tortoise insurance?

However, not every insurance company will cover tortoises. There are only a few specialist insurance providers for tortoises and British Pet Insurance can insure Horsefields, Hermann’s, Red footed tortoises and more and are offering the highest vet fee insurance cover for tortoises with the lowest excess options.
British Pet Insurance have built their tortoise insurance on 23 years’ experience and knowledge of the exotic pet industry to offer parrot owners a tailored product and service to meet their needs.

  • Vet fee claims are assessed within five working days

  • Third party liability cover as standard

  • No additional charges for direct debits

  • Customer services teams that care, listen and go above and beyond

  • Clear and easy to understand products and documentation

  • Constant development of new cover options and staff training

Which Cover options are available for tortoises and other exotic pets?

Standard cover:

  • Vet fee cover levels up to £1,000, £3,000 or £5,000 with a £30 or £130 excess option

  • Alternative/complementary treatment up to £500

  • Saying goodbye cover up to £100

  • Third party liability up to £1 million

  • Advertising and reward up to £300

Optional extra’s include:

  • Death from injury or illness

  • Loss from theft, fire or weather perils

Policies start from just £8.14 per month and can be paid by interest free direct debit (0% APR). Why pay for cover you don’t want or need?  Get the best insurance cover for your tortoise.


Click here for a quote for your tortoise or other exotic pet, alternatively you can call us on 01444 708840.

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