Benefits of Cat Insurance

Following are some benefits of having health insurance for your cat.

Provides Breed Specific Coverage

Having health insurance for your cat means you can get coverage for specific issues with Abyssinian cats that we mentioned above. This saves you from hassle and expenses in the long run and lets you provide your cat with the best possible care.

Helps Manage Expenses

Health insurance for your pet cat allows you to save money instead of spending it on the medical treatment of your pet. You do not have to use your savings or take loans this way.

Ensures Peace of Mind

Having pet insurance brings the surety that you will not have a problem with getting the right treatment for your pet. You can claim insurance and book an appointment with the right vet immediately.

Allows You to Pick a Vet

You can pick any vet your want instead of worrying about the treatment costs. You will get coverage according to the terms of your policy in exchange for the monthly premium payments that you will make.

Different Types of Cat Insurance

Following are the types of cat insurance you should know about.

Lifetime Coverage

This coverage lasts throughout the pet’s life with an increase in the premium amount annually.

Per Condition Cover or Maximum Benefit Policies

This insurance policy lets you pay a premium amount only for the diseases that you mention in the insurance policy.

12-month time-limited policies

The 12 months time-limited policies provide a year’s coverage for the disease that you claim in insurance first.

Accident Only Coverage

This insurance provides support for situations in which your pet has an accident and needs medical attention.

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Abyssinian Insurance FAQs

What is the average cost of an Abyssinian cat?

The Abyssinian cat breed may cost around £600 on average.

Do Abyssinian cats have papers?

Yes, these cats have registration documents that all owners must-have.

Can you insure your Abyssinian cat easily?

Yes, it is possible to ensure your pet cat easily with our award-winning services at British Pet Insurance. You can reach out to us for your first policy today.

Does Cat Breed Impact Insurance Prices?

Yes, the breed of your cat impacts the insurance premium you need to pay.


Why Owners Love Abyssinian Cats

The Abyssinian cat, also aptly nicknamed the “Aby-silly-an” is a popular pet cat option around the world. These cats aren’t lapping cats as they love moving around space and staying active throughout the day. They are an ideal companion if you love playing with cats and need a pet that stays with you throughout the day.

They are constantly jumping, moving, and exploring their surroundings. They are naturally curious and love to try new fun activities. These cats usually have a signature cougar-like experience, which is one of their most profound qualities.

 You may find these cats in various colors including reddish-cinnamon, chocolate, blue, etc. These cats usually have darker far coating at the time of their birth. This dark fur then lightens with time and the cats finally come to their actual color.

They are one of the oldest domestic cats, but interestingly, no one knows the true origin of these cats. However, their history is evident even through the Egyptian era.

Most theories indicate that their ancestors belong to the Indian Ocean region. These cats have always been popular, and they have appeared on TV shows as well. A great example is the Harper’s Weekly in 1872.

The most interesting quality of these cats is their loyalty and attachment towards their owners. They may hop around all day but they will surely stick with you through the end of the day. These cats usually have a long lifespan ranging between 15 to 20 years of age on average.

 However, they can develop certain medical issues including Gingivitis, Patellar luxation, Progressive retinal or Pyruvate kinase deficiency, etc. This means that Abyssinian cat owners need to pay attention to their health a lot.