Benefits of Birman Cat Insurance

Following are the benefits of cat insurance for your Birman cat breed.

Allows You to Pick a Vet

You can pick any vet you want for your Birman cat breed because insurance covers you financially. You can look for more treatment options without worrying about your budget and ensure your pet gets the best treatment possible.

Delivers Peace of Mind

Birman owners can easily claim for pet insurance in the time of need and visit any vet they think is suitable. However, they should keep the coverage amount in mind.

Provides Breed Specific Coverage

You can get treatment for specific issues that only your Birman develops. This provides flexible options in case your pet develops a unique condition.

Helps Manage Budget Better

Having cat insurance for your pet Birman allows financial independence as you do not need to use your savings to provide for your pet’s treatment. Instead, you can make an insurance claim, and provide it with optimal care on time.

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Different Types of Cat Insurance

Following are some of the types of cat insurance that you should know about.

Lifetime Coverage

The lifetime coverage plans provide support to your cats throughout their lifetime. However, you may need to revise the premium amounts annually because of top-up from time to time.

Per Condition Cover or Maximum Benefit Policies

The per condition cover provides financial assistance for each disease you list down separately. It also calculates the premium amount you need to pay accordingly.

12-month time-limited policies

The 12 months time-limited policies provide annual financial support for whichever health issue you claim first for your pet.

Accident Only Coverage

The accident-only coverage provides complete coverage for any accidental injuries, or damage that your pet suffers.

Does Cat Breed Impact Insurance Prices?

Different cat breeds have various insurance prices because of their maintenance cost and medical expenses due to disease and aging issues.