Benefits of British Longhair Cat Insurance

Following are some of the top benefits of getting cat insurance for your pet.

Choose the Vet you like

A lot of cat owners do not have the freedom to choose the vet they want because these vets have high fee charges. However, cat insurance covers you for these expenses and allows cat owners to book an appointment.

 Make Pet Ownership Stress-free

The cat owners usually stress a lot because they do not have sufficient means to provide for their cat’s health. But, cat insurance allows owners to have the best possible treatments for their pet’s at the most affordable prices.

Enjoy Breed Specific Coverage

The cat insurance plans offer breed-specific coverage, which allows owners to list down potential diseases that their pets may develop and provide financial support for it.

Manage Budget Better

Having a pet requires spending a lot of money. However, not all cat owners have this money but cat insurance can help meet these expenses more efficiently.

British Longhair Cat Insurance


Different Types of Cat Insurance

Following are the various types of cat insurance that you should know about.

Lifetime Coverage

The lifetime coverage plans allow cat owners to have financial support for their pets throughout the pet’s life. However, you need to pay a slightly higher premium every time you renew your insurance policy.

Per Condition Cover or Maximum Benefit Policies

The per condition cover plan allows users to pay for specific health problems they want to get insurance for in their insurance policy. This saves cat owners from paying extra in insurance premiums.

12-month time-limited policies

The 12-month limited policies allow annual coverage for diseases cat owners claims first in a year.

Accident Only Coverage

These policies provide financial support to cat owners in case their cats experience a sudden accident or injury.


Does Cat Breed Impact Insurance Prices?

The cat breed impacts your insurance prices because some cats can have more medical issues and require frequent health care, as compared to others.



What is the average cost of a British Longhair Cat?

The average cost of a British Longhair cat in the UK is around £900, whereas this price may change according to your cat’s characteristics.

Do British Longhair cats have papers?

Yes, you need to have registration documents for your British Longhair pet cat.

Can you insure your British Longhair cat easily?

It is easy to insure your British Longhair cat if you have reliable services like ours at British Pet Insurance with you. We are an award-winning, well-reputed company, best known for our coverage plans.