Benefits of Exotic Shorthair Cat Insurance

Following are some of the top benefits of having an insurance policy for your exotic shorthair cats.

Pick any vet you want

Having pet insurance gives you the freedom of choosing any vet you want, without the worry of the expenses. The policy will cover the expenses for you.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Having an insurance policy backing you saves you from unnecessary stress and provides a chance to enjoy time with your pet.

Get Exotic Shorthair Specific Coverage

You can mention potential health issues that your pet can develop and get premium coverage for them accordingly.

Manage Budget Better

Insurance policies save you from using your finances to pay for the cat’s treatments. It can help save money in the longer run.

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Different Types of Cat Insurance

Following are the different types of cat insurances that you should know about.

Lifetime Coverage

The lifetime coverage provides financial support to cat owners throughout the pet’s life. It starts with a premium amount, which tops up every year your cat lives on.

Per Condition Cover or Maximum Benefit Policies

The per condition cover or maximum benefit policies allow cat owners to pay premiums for conditions they want only.

12-month time-limited policies

The 12 months time-limited policies provide cats with financial coverage for conditions their owners claim first.

Accident Only Coverage

The accident-only coverage plans take care of medical expenses in case your cat experiences a sudden accident and gets injured.



What is the average cost of an Exotic Shorthair Cat?

The exotic shorthair cat has an average price of £600 in the UK; however, this price may vary according to the breed and other characteristics of the cat.

Do Exotic Shorthair cats have papers?

Yes, exotic shorthair cats have registration documents if they are a pedigree.

Can you insure your Exotic Shorthair cat easily?

It is easy to get an insurance policy for your cat if you have a reliable service like British Pet Insurance. We will provide you with the right coverage plan right away.