COVID-19: How to care for your dog or cat

COVID-19: How to care for your dog or cat

The tips and suggestions within this blog are correct as of 27/03/20.

With all the recent changes to daily life introduced by the government as measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19, there might be a few changes to the way you can care for your animals.

Dog walks

For pets that will require regular exercise (i.e. dogs), Boris Johnson has announced that people can leave the house for one type of exercise a day, this includes walking your dog. When walking your dog, be aware of the current social distancing guidelines when out and about. When out with your pet, maintain a 2m distance from any other people you encounter outside and try to avoid going to crowed areas. This exercise is not only key to the maintenance of your pet’s healthy lifestyle but can offer some much-needed time outside of your home.


No adjustments will currently be needed to your pets feeding schedule, although it might be worth (where possible) trying to reduce the number of visits to pets that live away from home.

Food supplies

Along with thinking about feeding schedules, food supplies are worth a thought as well. Next time you feed your pet; it might be worth checking to see how much food you have left for them. If you are running low, you can remember to grab your normal bag of feed next time you leave the house to purchase essentials. This way, you reduce the number of trips required and also make sure your pet will not go hungry.

Love and comfort

Pets will provide love and comfort during these times, much as they would at any other time. Continue to look after and care for your pets and they will continue to do the same for you.

Further information

For further information on any of the government guidelines on Covid-19, please visit