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The Akita Inu is a large dog that descends directly from Japan. Japanese people first used these dogs as guard dogs for royal families. In addition to this, they also served as tracking dogs for wild boars and hunted, tracked several kinds of large animals.

These include black bears, boars, and deer at times. It is a strong-headed dog breed that does not back down from challenges easily. It is fearless making it an ideal addition to your homes if you are looking for security dogs.

The latest breeds of Akita Inu dogs aren’t as short-tempered, making them a good fit for families with smaller children. Akita Inu dogs love staying in groups and protect their favourite people/things well. It loves socializing and starts depending on the owner after some time.

Know that owning Akita Inu is not easy as they are high maintenance breed. However, they are still a good choice for a pet dog. Following are some facts about the Akita Inu breed.

  • The Akita Inu is brave and loyal
  • They first served their role as guard dogs for royal Japanese families
  • Akita Inu have webbed toes to help them keep their weight even
  • They can easily adapt to colder weathers
  • Akita Inu is considered a national treasure in Japan.
  • Children in Japan often get Akita Inu statues as a welcome gift.

Comprehensive Akita Inu Pet Insurance


Why Akita Inu Owners are Insuring with British Pet Insurance?

If you own an Akita Inu, it means that you will pay around £3000 in the first year followed by slightly lower prices later on. It is because the Akita Inu breed can have health issues, which are as follows.


Infections, both viral and bacterial are a big issue for this breed. These infections include parvo, rabies, and distemper. Know that basic vaccination will help you deal with most of these issues. However, you need to provide your Akita Inu with proper medical assistance if the health gets worse.


These dogs have a smaller structure as compared to other dogs, which means that they have a higher chance of gaining weight. These dogs love to munch and eat, and that contributes to the potential obesity. Akita Inu owners need to provide their dogs with a proper diet as well as regular exercise. Experts suggest that taking an hourly walk with your Akita Inu should help it stay healthy and active in the long run.


Lice and mites are a common issue in furry friends but the Akita Inu breed is at a higher risk of facing this problem. It is because their coats may not be that thick, but they can trap dust and other impurities quite quickly. The trapped dust can cause irritation, redness, and parasites in these Akita Inu breeds.

Therefore, the Akita Inu owners need to take care of the breed and provide it with regular baths. It can help avoid further health complications and keep Akita Inu healthy. Remember that skin conditions can become a serious problem in some cases, so it is best to pay attention to them.

Get Professional Akita Inu Insurance

The Akita Inu breed is a good dog pet option for you, but they are also at a higher risk of developing health conditions. Solving these health issues means that you will pay extra attention to your dog’s health and pay a little extra for vet visits, medicines and tests.

 It can become difficult for most dog owners to manage these expenses, which is why pet insurance is a good alternative. You can reach out to our professional services at British Pet Insurance to get the best coverage plans, advice and solutions to manage your dog’s expenses. We will ensure that your dog gets the care it deserves and stays healthy. Contact us today.