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The Cane Corso is a big, strong, and obedient dog breed. It is a working dog with a powerful and intimidating attitude. Although these dogs are not the ideal pet breed for everyone, they are still excellent companions.

Many families with small children don’t consider this dog breed to keep as a pet due to its large size However, they can become your ideal companion with a little training and extra attention. This breed also has a very protective, athletic nature. Following are some interesting facts about this Cane Corsos:

  • They originated from Italy and are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.
  • The Cane Corso breed descends from molossus, which is an extinct breed of the mastiff dog.
  • The Cane Corso served as guard dogs and hunter dogs for several years.
  • The breed is a result of cross-breeding between Neapolitan Mastiff and Italian Mastiff. 

There was a significant drop in this dog breed during World War I but dog enthusiasts revived the breed around the 1970s through planned breeding. Even today, Cane Corso is a popular choice for those who want a companion dog. However, keeping them means you will need to deal with several health complexities.

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Why Cane Corso Owners are insuring with British Pet Insurance?

Owning a Cane Corso as a companion is a great idea but there are a few things that you should remember about their health. The average cost of keeping a Cane Corso as a pet is around £17831. This cost can increase if you add the necessary clinic visit, healthcare expenses, etc. Following are a few common health concerns for the Cane Corso breed.

Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)

Gastric Dilation Volvulus or a twisted stomach is a common health issue in several dog breeds and the Cane Corso dog is no different. The health condition occurs due to excessive gas that may twist or stretch the stomach beyond its normal size. This can cause digestive issues, pain, discomfort, and daily issues in dogs.

GDV is a life-threatening health condition and requires urgent treatment. The mortality rate for dogs in this disease ranges between 0% and 60%, even with treatment. Severe treatment steps including surgery are the way out of this problem

Hip dysplasia

Cane Corsos have are quite massive, which is also to their detriment as it could result in health problems. Hip Dysplasia is a common problem that usually occurs due to the misplacement of dog bones in its skeleton. It is also an early sign of dog arthritis and can cause serious issues, if not handled timely. The condition also affects the skeleton and can cause mobility, walking  and posture problems.

Cherry Eye

Cherry eye is another common concern for Cane Corso’s health. It is an eye infection that can impact the corner of the eye and causes redness and swelling. It happens when the tear gland in the dog’s eye becomes inflamed. Even though the disease isn’t painful for dogs, it can cause itching and discomfort.


Entropion is an ocular health issue that causes the eye to turn inward. The eyelashes and other body hair can rub into the eye and cause extreme pain to the Cane Corso. Dogs may rub the eye with their paw when irritated. The health condition can affect the top and lower eyelid and impact the dog’s sight in some cases. Some dogs experience the problem in both eyes, while others have it in a single eye only. Dogs that experience this condition may exhibit:

  • Eye discharge
  • Squinting
  • Rubbing at eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Apparent swelling around eyes

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Cane Corso is prone to several medical issues during their lifetime. These health conditions do not harm the dog if owners diagnose and treat them early. However, the dogs need care and constant vet checkups for that.

Cane Corso owners who do not have enough money to handle these expenses may see their dogs suffer. The good news is that other alternatives like dog health insurance help dog owners manage expenses better. This only happens if you have reliable dog insurance with enough coverage

Therefore, we suggest that Cane Corso owners contact British Pet Insurance. We are a world-class dog insurance company and can help you address unforeseen and sudden issues when it comes to your Cane Corso’s health

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