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The French bulldog or the Bouledogue Français (French) is a popular breed that appeared back in the 19th century. These dogs come from cross-breeding between toy dogs from England and local Parisian Ratters.

They are an excellent option for domestic dogs and people worldwide love them. The French bulldog costs around £3,100 on average and caring for them costs a bit more than that. People love keeping them as pets, but it is important to care for them. Let us have a look at some amazing characteristics of these French bulldogs.

  • Great companions, get along with other dog breeds easily
  • French bulldogs cannot swim
  • Shorter snouts, therefore, breathing issues at greater heights
  • French bulldogs are a sensitive breed.
  • They love barking and communicating
  • You can see French bulldogs with two different ear shapes
  • Most of the French bulldogs are a result of ratification insemination.
  • French bulldogs are a popular pet choice for celebrities.

It is safe to say that the French bulldogs are friendly and make the best companions. Keeping a French bulldog as a pet costs around £3,760 annually. This cost can also increase if your pet French bulldog experiences health issues. Let us have a look at some of the most common reasons why people need dog insurance for their French bulldog.

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Why French bulldog Owners are insuring with British Pet Insurance?

French bulldogs are a great option for keeping a pet. However, there are several health issues related to the French bulldog that owners should know about. Treating these medical conditions along with the clinical visit, dietary costs etc can make a huge impact on the dog’s owner. Following are some of the most common health issues that French bulldogs can face.

Ear Infections

The French bulldogs are relatively more sensitive, meaning they are prone to infections. They can also develop allergies which lead to serious infections if not treated properly. In addition, their ear glands can also swell up, causing pain, irritation and oozing in their ears. This can cause inflammation that can become incredibly painful for your French bulldog.


The French bulldog does not have a strong digestive system, leaving it prone to several digestive issues, including diarrhoea. Viruses, worms and stomach bacteria can all contribute to this health issue. Pet owners can detect signs of this problem by keeping an eye out on the pet’s stools. They should look for smellier, runny stools and blood. Similarly, dogs can lose weight rapidly, have a smaller appetite and have problems eating.


The French bulldog naturally has a small nose which leaves it vulnerable to issues like conjunctivitis. You will see irritation, itching and pain on your dog’s nose when it is dealing with this medical issue. Redness and sores are also other common indicators that your dog has conjunctivitis.

Bacterial Skin Infections

The French poodle has folds of skin because of its natural structure. These folds can trap impurities and bacteria from the skin and cause infections. This causes the dogs to scratch their skin excessively, resulting in serious infection later on. Dealing with this infection requires a lot of clinical visits, medicines and medical therapy.


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Caring for your French bulldog requires diligence and constant monitoring. You need to take the pet to the doctor as soon as something seems off. However, this can cost dog owners a high amount in most cases. Fortunately, reaching out to an award-winning pet insurance company like us will end all your pet-related troubles.

At British Pet Insurance, we have the best coverage plans and professionals waiting to give you advice and tips on how to handle your pet’s insurance better. You will not have to think about the medical expenses with our services, so make sure that you check out our coverage plans today.