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Greyhounds are large, lean, muscular and energetic dogs that you can choose as pets. They have curved ears, long necks and an active lifestyle. They do not have a heavy coat, which means it is fairly easy to manage. You can find these dogs in various coat colors, including white, fawn, red, grey, etc. They have minimal body fat, which is why Greyhound owners need to ensure providing these dogs with a comfortable surface to sleep on, or they may have disturbed sleep. These dogs usually have heights between 26 to 30 inches tall to the shoulder, and weight somewhat between 60-70 pounds on average.

The Greyhounds have a rich history tracing back to 8,000 years. You can find these dogs on ancient Egyptian artefacts. They are considered a noble breed to an extent that no mean people were allowed to own these dogs between the 11th and 14th centuries. It is supposedly the fastest dog breed and can catch up to any prey. This makes it ideal for hunting and protective ventures. While adopting a Greyhound sounds like a good idea, here are some facts about the Greyhound breed below

  • They are energetic
  • They love spending time in packs
  • Greyhounds are ideal for hunting and other fast pace acts
  • They are strong and agile when it comes to physical abilities

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Why Greyhound Owners are Insuring with British Pet Insurance?

Following are some medical issues that Greyhound dogs may face in their lives.

Dental Diseases

Dental Diseases are chronic issues that may cause issues for dogs over the age of 2. These problems start with less dangerous situations like tartar buildup but can become excessively dangerous soon. The tartar can progress to the gums and the teeth, causing further oral issues. The kidneys and liver can also take damage due to this problem.


Viral and bacterial infections are another common problem for Greyhound dogs, which can have an impact on their health. It can weaken their immunity and metabolism, causing weight loss. It is necessary to consult professionals to deal with severe issues like this, which may cost dog owners thousands of pounds.


The Greyhounds are good pet options but they require a lot of attention, it isn’t limited to the food you provide them. These dogs can gain weight very quickly and this can have an impact on their health and mobility. Experts suggest taking an hourly walk with these Greyhounds to ensure their fitness regularly. Otherwise, your pet may experience severe cardiovascular issues.


All kinds of parasites including mites may infest your Greyhound’s fur. While their coatings aren’t that thick, this becomes a serious issue if you do not solve it right away. Regular baths and proper hygiene is the easiest way to avoid this situation. However, most dog owners have trouble providing it for their pets.


In other cases, the dogs may also experience health issues like dysplasia in their hips and elbows caused by the displacement of joints. However, extreme cases require corrective surgery to solve the medical condition. You may even find your dog limping and suffering if it has dysplasia.

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Owning a Greyhound means you may have to pay £1,276 every year for its health and necessities. We understand that this amount isn’t affordable for most dog owners, which is why pet insurance is an effective alternative.

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