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Jack Russell is a working terrier breed dog, known for its strength, stamina and physique. These dogs have a strong body as compared to several other dog breeds.

You can find these Jack Russell in three different coats, which can be rough, broken and smooth depending on thir genetics. However, all these coats tend to shed over time as they require care.

They are usually 10 to 15 inches long to their shoulder, whereas, the size of smaller dogs of this breed may range between 12-14 inches on average. The dog breed is named after Reverend John Russell, who is best known for breeding the finest terriers in England.

The Jack Russell breed was often used for scaring away foxes and other predators trying to attack a herd of sheep. However, their roles changed as people started breeding them strictly for hunting purposes.

In addition, there is a lot of diversity in the genetic makeup of these dogs. Because of the difference in their leg lengths, experts divide them into two categories. The ones with longer legs are called Parson Jack Russell. On the other hand, the ones with shorter legs are the Jack Russell dogs. Let us have a quick look at some interesting facts about these dogs.

  • They are physically strong
  • They make excellent hunting dogs
  • Jack Russell is a working breed and has high intelligence.
  • They can jump up to 5 ft in the air despite their relatively smaller size.
  • They are agile and love digging in the ground in most cases.

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Why Jack Russell Owners are Insuring with British Pet Insurance?

Owning a Jack Russell means that you need to spend as much as £1,876.59 on average a year. The amount can increase even more if you consider medicinal expenses. It is because these dogs may face different health complications, which we will discuss below.


The biggest issue that you face owning these dogs is that they can have a lot of hearing issues. The issue can cause partial or complete deafness depending on the severity of the problem. There is no other option but to have them tested and take them for regular checkups.


Glaucoma is a painful eye disease that causes excessive pressure in the eye. This pressure can eventually damage the optic nerve and sabotage Jack Russell’s eye health for good. Therefore, taking care of this issue from the start is essential.

Lens Luxation

Jack Russell’s also have another eye issue called lens luxation. It is because of the displacement of the lens in the eye. It is quite difficult for the vets to manage this health problem and often leads to the removal of the eye completely.

Legg Perthes

This is a health condition related to the hip joint. It usually occurs when the hip bone does not fit into the deteriorating bone properly and causes mobility issues. This issue is genetic and is quite common in smaller dog breeds. Therefore, there is not much that you can do in this regard.


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Prevention and treatment of these issues can cost Jack Russell’s owners a lot of money. Therefore, they need effective alternatives for it. Most of these dog owners prefer choosing UK dog insurance for their Jack Russell. However, make sure to choose a reliable service for pet insurance.

In this case, British Pet Insurance has you covered, as we are an award-winning pet insurance company. We will help you to manage your finances and provide the best coverage plans to give your Jack Russell the best possible care.