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Labrador is a popular dog breed that has been around since the 1830s when St. John’s Water Dogs were introduced to the rest of the world through trading ships from Canada to Britain. Labrador retriever is the mix breed produced by the cross-breeding of St. John’s Water Dog and the American hunting dogs. If you are a dog lover but still haven’t kept a Labrador, you should consider getting one.

Keeping a Labrador is a great way to protect your home, provide a furry companion to your family members and have someone with you at all times. However, taking care of these Labradors is just as important as keeping them. 

The average cost of owning these Labradors ranges up to £20,000 per year, and it gets difficult for most dog owners to manage these expenses on their own. Therefore, they need to look for alternatives. One of the easiest ways that Labrador owners can provide better for their pets is by choosing Labrador Insurance. 

Understandably, managing the medical expenses alone for your Labrador can be difficult. The cost increases significantly if you add the clinic visits, food costs and unforeseen accidents that may affect your dog’s health. It is a major reason why people prefer going to pet insurance providers like British Pet Insurance

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Why Labrador Owners are insuring with British Pet Insurance

While keeping a Labrador in your surrounding is a great idea, there are a few concerns that come with it. For example, Labradors can develop various health issues, which can cost Labrador owners a lot. Let us discuss some of the most common health problems that these Labradors face.

Hip Dysplasia

Labrador retrievers, like with data from our insurance on Golden Retrievers, have hip joint issues quite like other larger breed dogs. This is an early sign of arthritis and can cause limping, walking and stability issues in the pet. The average treatment cost of this condition ranges around £5.267,18. Therefore, Labrador owners must get their get dogs certified by experts for not having hip dysplasia.

Laryngeal Paralysis

Laryngeal Paralysis is a medical condition that forms mostly in the muscles surrounding the larynx. The medical condition can cause impairment and issues with airflow in the larynx. The easiest way to detect this problem is the change in your dog’s bark. In addition, it can also have issues with respiration, coughing and inability to exercise.


Arthritis is a medical condition that occurs in older Labradors in most cases. It is because these dogs experience joint pressure due to their excess weight. Therefore, Labrador owners need to ensure that their pets maintain a healthy weight. Proper feeding and regular exercise is the best way to manage this issue. However, expensive surgical procedures are the only solution left if your pet experiences extreme pain.


Hypothyroidism is an endocrine-related disease due to the lack of release of the T3 and T4 hormones in the dog’s thyroid. Your dog can experience rapid weight loss, loss of hair, lethargy, cold intolerance and other dangerous symptoms.

Blood tests and medical therapy are the most effective methods to detect the issue and requires detailed treatment. Replacing the body’s hormones artificially is the most common solution to address this problem.

In addition, elbow dysplasia, cancer, obesity and other medical conditions may also occur in your pets, costing pet owners thousands of dollars. No Labrador owner would want their pet in pain, thus, they should consider Labrador insurance.


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Caring for a Labrador is already quite costly and the amount reaches sky high if you add the medical treatment bills and costs into it. The best way to ensure that you do not have to worry about finances while treating your dog is to get pet insurance from British Pet Insurance. We are an award-winning insurance provider.

We offer the best coverage plans to Labrador owners and provide financial consultancy and advice. Contact us today if you want to give your furry friend the life they deserve.