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The Pomeranian dogs are a variation of the Spitz type dogs. They originally descend from larger sledge pulling dogs but have become smaller in size over time. They have a foxy appearance and are one of the cutest dog breeds.

The Pomeranian dogs are compact, capable and energetic in most cases. These dogs love physical activity, interacting with people and depend on their owners. In addition, they have excellent agility and are very obedient making them ideal for dog training.

The Pomeranian breed works best for dog owners who have little experience. These dogs may be small in size but they are brave and you may find them challenging bigger dogs. They are quite possessive towards their owners and like protecting what is theirs. We also call them by other names like Zwergspitz, Dwarf Spitz, and Loulou.

The dogs originally belong to Pomerania, hence the name. Their wedged-shaped heads and small ears are their most prominent features. Other dogs like Norwegian elkhound, the Schipperke, etc., are similar to this breed in characteristics.

Interestingly, this breed used to weigh up to 30 pounds in the past but now have a compact body type. Famous personalities like Martin Luther have also owned these Pomeranians because of their ability to become excellent lap dogs. Following are some interesting facts and characteristics of this breed.

  • Pomeranians have a small yet energetic body
  • They are brave and loyal and love protecting their owners
  • The Pomeranian breed can become aggressive when threatened and can challenge bigger dogs than themselves.
  • They used to be larger as compared to their current body type.

Comprehensive Pomeranian Insurance


Why Pomeranian Owners are insuring with British Pet Insurance?

Keeping a Pomeranian may cost owners £2,399 yearly, for the typical expense. However, the amount may increase because of possible health conditions that this dog breed may experience. Let’s discuss some of the common health issues in Pomeranian dogs.


One of the biggest health concerns for the Pomeranian breed is its issues with infections. The dog can encounter both viral and bacterial infections. These infections can cause discomfort in Pomeranians and weaken their immunity. It is important to address these issues timely, or it could have a long-lasting impact on your dog’s health.

Dental Disease

Dental diseases are quite common with smaller breeds such as Pomeranians. Most of these diseases start with smaller issues like tartar build-up, which can increase over time and affect the entire mouth, resulting in other health issues in the kidneys and liver.


Smaller dogs like the Pomeranian, have a high chance of gaining weight quickly. Dog owners must focus on providing these dogs with physical activity so they do not gain weight easily. In addition, the dogs may also require proper diets to stay healthier for longer.


Parasites like lice and mites can infest the Pomeranian’s fur and make them sick. These parasites can cause serious issues for the dog’s health, which is why seeking medical help for parasites is a must. The sooner you treat your dog, the better it is for them.

Get Professional Pomeranian Insurance

Pomeranians may be a good house pet choice but they also experience different health issues, which mean more expenses. Vet visits, medications, testing and treatment all add to these costs. Therefore, most dog owners cannot bear these expenses and need pet insurance.

We suggest you reach out to us at British Pet Insurance for expert advice. We are an award-winning dog insurance service and ensure to give you the best coverage plans for your Pomeranian. So contact us today.