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Poodles are cute dogs and have different breed variations depending on their genetic makeup. The breed originally belongs to Germany. However, many people think that they belong to France. These dogs first worked as water retrievers and the heavier fur coating helped them with this task.

Besides hunting, the dog breed has done several diverse tasks such as working in the circus, performing tricks in dog shows around the world, etc. Even today, poodles are a popular dog breed, especially with women.

They have a calm and noble demeanour, coupled with cute looks. All of this makes the poodle stand out from other dog breeds. Even though these dogs originally worked as hunting dogs, you may find them bonding with their owners.

Poodles are intelligent and obedient, which makes them a good choice for pets. The breed gets its name from the German word Pudel, which means to splash in the water.

Here are some other interesting facts and characteristics about the poodle breed that you should know about.

  • Poodles were originally bred for work rather than fashion
  • There is a variation of hairstyles for the poodle breed, making them a fashionable and elegant dog breed.
  • Poodles come in three size variations but are essentially the same.
  • Poodles are energetic and active dogs, making them ideal for fun activities with owners too.
  • Unlike most dog breeds, the poodles have hair rather than fur, which makes them unique.
  • Several celebrities like Elvis Presley had poodles as pets.

Owning a poodle means spending around £300 a year on average. The costs may be slightly higher in the first few years because of higher maintenance needs. In addition, these dogs require regular haircuts to make them look good. However, they may experience several health issues, which we are going to mention below.

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Following are some of the health issues that poodles may suffer.


The biggest health concern for poodles is bloating which may cause gas build up in their stomach and have a poor effect on their health. Poodles have a 20% mortality rate with bloating as it impacts the digestive tract and can cause a lot of pain. It is important to take these dogs to the vet immediately in these cases.

Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease primarily occurs because of the dysfunction of the adrenal glands. In addition to this, it can have an impact on the poodle’s immunity and damage its health in the long run. Immediate medication and treatment are important to regulate the adrenal glands. Otherwise, the poodles may also experience cardiovascular diseases.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia occurs because of bones weakening over time. This causes the bone to misfit into the hip socket causing limping, pain and mobility issues in dogs. It is also an early sign of arthritis in older dogs, and management of this issue is a serious problem.

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Poodles can develop health issues over time, and treating these issues means that you need to spend hundreds of pounds every year. It is not easy for most dog owners to manage these expenses. The best way to deal with these medical expenses is to go for a pet insurance service.

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