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Rottweiler dogs are a breed of working dogs that descend from drover dogs. The drover dogs have a history of cattle driving, in the roman legion of Germany, called Rottweil, as early as the second century.

These dogs have always been a great companion for humans as early reports indicate that they went with butchers on expeditions. Most of these dogs serve as guard dogs similar to German Shepherds, thanks to their strong build and courageous mindset. Even today, these dogs are a popular choice for guarding houses. Let us have a look at some of the most profound facts and characteristics of this breed.

  • Rottweiler has a strong physical appearance and is good at defending themselves
  • They are named after the German city of Rottweil
  • Germany is the home to the oldest Rottweiler clubs
  • They served as rescue dogs in the 9/11 incident
  • Rottweiler has several literature pieces written on them
  • They have high intelligence levels and are highly obedient.
  • Rottweiler makes excellent guard dogs.
  • Barking and licking, highly vocal
  • Easy to train
  • Needs frequent exercises

Most people keep these dogs for protection purposes but people also love having them around as pets. However, there is a chance that your Rottweiler may experience health issues. Other than that, maintaining a healthy diet for your Rottweiler will cost you significantly.

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We discussed what makes this dog breed perfect as a pet. Now, let us have a quick look at some of the common health issues that your Rottweiler may experience.

Heart Problems 

Rottweiler dogs have a volatile nature which makes them prone to health conditions easily. Hypertension, subaortic stenosis (SAS), heart murmuring and fainting are some common issues that your Rottweiler dogs may experience. In addition, there are several instances where Rottweiler dogs pass away suddenly.

Therefore, it is essential to screen dogs before breeding them. Similarly, it is important to keep an eye on your dog’s health and give it regular clinical trips.

Hip Dysplasia 

Hip Dysplasia is a common health concern for the Rottweiler breed and could be an early sign of arthritis. It occurs in the hind bone of the dogs and can cause movement issues. It causes pain due to the displacement of bones in the skeleton.

However, procedures like surgery, clinical therapies can help reduce hip dysplasia and minimize its symptoms.

Aortic Stenosis

Aortic Stenosis includes a partial obstruction in blood flow which can cause damage to tissue, organs and other bodily systems. This usually occurs in the leg ventricle of the heart and slowly affects the whole body. This causes the body to work harder to pump blood to the rest of the body, causing health problems.

The clinical symptoms for the problem depend on the severity of Aortic Stenosis, which is why dog owners need to consult veterinarians for treatment.

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia can affect adult dogs and puppies and could last throughout their lifetime. Experts claim that these little issues could result in long term health complications later.

This is a polygenic disease and its exact causes are still unknown. However, factors like overfeeding, lack of physical activity etc can contribute to this problem.


Entropion is a medical condition where the eyes roll inward causing the eyelashes to rub on the eye surface constantly. This painful condition has various degrees, ranging from normal Entropia to a full fletched one, which requires medical surgery.

 Some other notable mentions include ligament ruptures and obesity.


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