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The Yorkshire terrier is a small, energetic and affectionate dog breed. It is a common choice for an apartment dog but it can show a stubborn behavior during house training. The breed originally belongs to England and people started breeding them due to their small size. They helped catch rats in Yorkshire mills and mines during the industrial revolution. While there are no confirmed records of Yorkshire’s breeding, experts suggest that Paisley, Clydesdale, and Skye terriers are its ancestors.

While the dog breed did well with the standard rat-catching job, they were good at targeting other species as well. Hunters would carry them in their pockets and make them attack small animals like rabbits. Their average size is around 8-9 inches to the shoulder. However, the breed does not back down during a fight, which is pretty remarkable considering its small size.

In addition, the dog became a royal pet l during the Victorian era. Their luscious coats make them look unique compared to other breeds Let us take a quick look at some amazing facts and characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier breed.

  • Weavers from Scotland helped create the breed according to the American Kennel Club
  • Yorkshire terrier started as working-class dogs
  • They became fashionable as late as 1886
  • Their coat is somewhat like human hair
  • City people love keeping Yorkshires as pets
  • They are a healthy dog breed
  • They can mix with other breeds quite easily

While keeping the Yorkshire terrier is a great idea, owners should know that it could cost them a little. On average, keeping a Yorkshire terrier costs around £1130 and this amount can increase, considering medical expenses and health issues that Yorkshire terriers often face.

Yorkshire Terrier Insurance with British Pet Insurance

Yorkshire terriers require constant care, and it can be hard for owners to meet the expenses. However, as an award-winning dog-insurance service, British Pet Insurance can help you cover all these expenses. All you need to do is contact us, and we will offer you a coverage plan right away.


Why Yorkshire terrier Owners are insuring with British Pet Insurance?

Like other dogs, this breed can also develop medical issues leading to additional expenses. Following are some of the most common diseases that a Yorkshire terrier can develop over time.


The disease refers to increased blood sugar, which is very common in most dog breeds, including Yorkshire terriers. This can happen to puppies under the age of five months and last a lifetime for these dogs. It can be life threatening, which is why you must take the dog to a vet.

The dog breed is very small and does not have enough fat or muscle to store the excess sugar. Poor quality food is the biggest reason for this medical condition in Yorkshire terriers. Similarly, dehydration, stress and infections can all contribute to the issue.

Periodontal Diseases

These dogs can also have several dental issues due to their mouth structure. Their mouth is too small for their set of teeth. Plaque can easily build up in this situation and cause the teeth to rot. In addition, tooth decay can spread to the other parts of the body and make the dog sick.

Legg-Perthes disease

This is the disease in which the upper joint of the hipbone starts to decay. Toy breed dogs aged between four to twelve months can experience this issue. Experts still do not know the exact reason for this problem, but most studies suggest that it could be genetic.

Retinal dysplasia

Abnormal development in the retina occurs in Retinal dysplasia. The retina can even detach itself, blinding the dog completely. The dog can suffer this condition right after birth or develop it in a few months. Either way, you cannot reverse it, and retinal dysplasia commonly affects both eyes.

Luxating Patella

This disease occurs with the dislocation of the kneecap. The muscles and the tendons fail to hold the knee in its place during this disease, which can displace the knee. The kneecap thus slides to the side and causes dogs a lot of pain. Corrective surgery in some cases can help minimize the problem. Most of the Yorkshire Terries that experience this disease may not show symptoms at a young age. They only show the signs when they grow old (around 3 years on average).

Collapsed Trachea

The Yorkshire breed can also experience breathing issues due to its trachea collapsing. They have a C-shaped trachea, which can become weak over time. The disease can occur in one or two cartilage rings.