What to do first?

If your horse becomes unwell or an incident occurs, you need to contact your vet for advice or contact the relevant authorities. Once you have followed any advice, please contact us so we get you a claim form.

Get a claim form

To start your horse insurance claim process, we need a claim form. You can get a claim form by either downloading one from our website, emailing us at info@petcover.uk.com or by calling us on 01444 708840.

Completing your claim form

Please complete your claim form and sign to confirm you want to claim from your insurance. Your vet may also need to complete part of the claim form, this will be detailed on the reverse side.

With your claim we need supporting information e.g. full veterinary history from purchase, invoices, purchase receipts, police reports. The supporting information required will be requested on your claim form and detailed in your policy booklet.

We aim to assess claims in 5 workings days, if your claim form is not fully completed or we do not have all the supporting information we will be unable to process your claim within this time. If you are unsure about your horse insurance claim process then please contact us, by emailing us at info@petcover.uk.com or by calling us on 01444 708850 to double check so we can advise on the process and ensure your claim processing is not delayed.

Processing your claim

Once we receive your fully completed claim form and all the supporting information required for your claim we aim to assess your claim within 5 working days. We will keep you updated on how your claim is progressing by email during these 5 working days.

Claim payment

An approved claim will be paid by electronic bank transfer straight into the policyholders’ bank account or your vets’ bank account (as requested by you on the claim form). We will also email you to confirm your claim has been approved along with the amount being paid and confirmation of the bank account this is being paid into.

Claim declined

We want to offer the best horse insurance cover in the UK. Unfortunately, with all insurance covers we cannot cover ‘everything’, we recommend reading your certificate of insurance, your insurance product information document (IPID) and your policy booklet to ensure you understand the policy and what is and isn’t covered under your horse insurance. We welcome any feedback regarding our insurance cover, if you feel your claim was declined unfairly, please contact us and let us know.

Protect your horse with insurance

To protect your horse and have peace of mind in the event your horse becomes unwell or an incident occurs, choose the best horse insurance cover for you with British Pet Insurance Services. You can get a quote and set up cover online, it’s so fast and simple.


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