BPI Breeder Experts

Meet our BPI Breeder Experts

We’re a team of pet lovers and owners. Some of us have additional experience in working with cat and dog breeders as well as breeding first-hand! As a British Pet Insurance breeder partner, you can be assured that your litters are in the safest hands.


Doug Ford – Managing Director

Managing Director, Doug Ford has worked alongside our CEO since 2018, forming our award-winning service, to provide flexible and comprehensive cover to suit the needs of pets and their owner’s. Doug has extensive knowledge in the realm of veterinary medicine. This, along with his business acumen creates the ideal combination for offering both pet owners and breeders the best possible assistance. Doug has judged at international dog shows and bred litters of beagles alongside his wife, Gwen.


Gwen Ford – Director

Director, Gwen Ford is usually seen with her beloved beagles, both in and outside the office! Gwen has a strong background in breeding, having bred various litters of pedigree beagles over the years, some have won countless awards including Best in Show when attending exhibitions. She is an International Dog Judge and had judged at many international dog shows and also regularly exhibits at major events in both Australia and Europe.


Andrew Pearce – CEO

CEO Andrew Pearce has accumulated decades of knowledge within the world of insurance and has specialised in pet insurance for most of those years. Andrew has a plethora of experience behind him, such as creating a diverse range of pet insurance products, managing hundreds of staff globally, leading the operational aspect of businesses, and developing successful agreements for breeders.


Kirsty Sayers – Operations and Underwriting Manger

Kirsty has the longest running experience working with breeders of birds, reptiles, and tortoises in the insurance industry. Kirsty for 10 years has worked hard alongside breeders to educate owners on the care of exotic pets alongside providing pet insurance.

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