Breeder partner terms and conditions

For Breeders setting up Six Week Introductory Insurance Policies

This introductory insurance cover facility is offered in good faith to help breeders ensure that the puppies & kittens they breed have the best start in life with their new owners in their new homes.  By setting up the insurance for the puppies & kittens which you sell you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Your Eligibility
You must be a current approved member of the British Pet Insurance Breeder Program.

Puppy/Kitten Eligibility
The program is available to puppies and kittens whether they are pedigree or non-pedigree.
All puppies and kittens must have been bred by you.
Puppies and kittens must be sold by you not and not through a third party or agent or employee.
The puppies and kittens are aged between 8 weeks and 36 weeks of age at the start of the policy.
The Six Weeks Introductory cover is not issued to you, anyone who lives with you, your immediate family, any person employed by you as part of a breeding business or any person/party who intends to resell the puppy.

New Owner Eligibility
The new owners must be UK residents and 18 years of age or older.

Privacy and Legal
By setting up a British Pet Insurance Six Weeks Introductory Cover you acknowledge that you will be disclosing the new owner’s personal information to British Pet Insurance.
The personal information provided by you will be used in accordance with our full Privacy Notice (below).
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sought permission from the new owner to set up the British Pet Insurance Six Weeks Introductory Cover for their new puppy/kitten and confirmed that they are happy for their information to be shared with us.
Please refer the customer to our Privacy Policy which is included in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) sent to them and available on our website.

  1. You will set up introductory policies in accordance with these terms and conditions taking into account the new owner’s best interests and advise them about the about the Introductory Cover prior to its inception by you.
  2. You will not knowingly omit or misrepresent material facts about the puppy/kitten’s state of health.
  3. You will not provide advice about the Introductory Cover or any other insurance product offered by us or any other insurance providers, and
  4. You will not recommend a specific insurance product or insurance provider.

Setting up, amending or cancelling the cover

  • When you agree to the sale of a puppy or kitten you should advise the new owner the puppy or kitten will come insured for six weeks and confirm that the new owner consents to their personal information being shared with us.
  • You can set up the introductory cover 24 hours prior to the collection of the pet up to 24 hours after the pet has been collected.
  • Puppies and kittens should be in good health and have shown no clinical signs or symptoms of any illness or injury prior to the date they are collected by the new owners.
  • Any clinical signs, symptoms, illnesses or injuries must be disclosed to the new owner and disclosed to us prior to or at the time the puppy/kitten is collected.
  • When the cover is set up, we shall send an email to the new owner that:
    1. Confirms the cover has been set up and will start on the date of collection as specified by you.
    2. Details the policy number and the expiry date of the introductory cover
    3. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Financial Services Guide (FSG) which outlines the full terms and conditions.
    4. Our details and those of the insurer.
  • If the puppy/kitten is returned to you by the new owner, you should contact us by calling 01444 708840 and advising us as soon as practicable.
  • We will then cancel the insurance cover.
  • Upon confirmation from us that the policy has been cancelled you can then set up a new policy for this puppy/kitten.

Rewards Program
You will accumulate 15 points for each Introductory policy you set up.
When a Six Week Introductory policy you have set up is converted to by the new owner to an annual British Pet Insurance insurance policy, you will accumulate 100 points.
These points can be converted to Coles Myer Gift Vouchers or a donation on your behalf to a Charity of your choice.
Rewards are subject to the following:

  • You are a member of the British Pet Insurance Breeder Program
  • You reside in UK
  • We have received a minimum of 2 months premium on the paid insurance policy.
  • The insured pet is the same as the covered on the Introductory cover.
  • The annual policy holder and the Introductory Cover policy holder are the same person.
  • Rewards can be accumulated for a period of three years at which time they will expire.
  • You acknowledge that any rewards may be liable for tax and it is your sole responsibility to make the appropriate declarations, and/or
  • We reserve the right at our sole discretion to change the type, frequency or the amounts of rewards.

General Conditions
You agree to comply with the guidelines as set out in the British Pet Insurance Breeder Program Charter.
We reserve the right at our sole discretion without notice or liability to:

  1. Withdraw the Six Week Introductory Insurance facility at any time.
  2. Change or remove any offer, benefits or items associated with the British Pet Insurance breeder Program, and/or
  3. Change the terms and conditions.

When you use this facility and set up insurance cover for your puppies/kittens you must adhere to the terms and conditions and must not deliberately misrepresent or omit any material facts about the puppy/kittens state of health or knowingly provide incorrect information which may prejudice our decision to accept the insurance cover.
If you do, we reserve the right to:

  1. Refuse or withdraw permanently access to the British Pet Insurance Breeder Program and the Introductory Cover facility at any time, and/or
  2. Cease any further rewards.

You agree to provide us with details of your veterinary practice when requested if necessary so we can access factual information in support of any claim on a Six Week  Introductory Cover set up by you or a subsequent annual policy set up by the new owner.
We continually monitor claims made on the Six Week Introductory policies and based on the claims experience from the policies set up by you we may withdraw access to the British Pet Insurance Breeder Program and the Introductory Cover facility for puppies/kittens bred by you.
As a member of our British Pet Insurance Breeder Program and the Introductory Cover facility you warrant:

  1. You are committed to the principles of the responsible breeding of domestic animals and animal welfare standards.
  2. You comply with the licensing regulations for dog breeding as set out by relevant government and regulatory bodies.
  3. You have never been and are not currently the subject of any investigations by any local or government authority, or any other regulatory body
  4. You have not been convicted of an offence under UK Animal Welfare Legislation