Prevent surface jumping and climbing with your cat

Prevent surface jumping and climbing with your cat

Here at British Pet Insurance we know the importance of teaching your pet cat right from wrong and creating a safe environment for them to roam while staying on their good side! So we’ve compiled some information and top tips on how to train your cat into stop climbing counter tops and work surfaces, and avoiding it’s sharp claws in the process. We all know cats are instinctively fearless, they are agile and seek out high up places to keep watch on their territory, hence the choice of a counter top.

However, this instinctive trait becomes difficult around some areas of the house. Kitchens, in particular, can be quite dangerous areas with knives, food, washing up liquid, stoves, hot appliances like toasters, the list goes on!

If you’d like to avoid cat fur in your food. Follow our top tips:

Cat tree

If you provide your cat with an tall cat tree nearby it is likely that they will enjoy that more than the counter. With the ability to play, scratch and obviously perch themselves, it provides much more entertainment.

Agree a position

Sometimes your cat just wants to be around you and watch you. If there is somewhere else where you can suggest your cat to sit such as a stool or a chair nearby, the both of you will be happy.


Along with providing alternatives, you also have to make the counter less appealing. Light disciplinary action can be made with a clap of the hands along with a stern voice, if your cat fails to move away pick them up and move them but with little interaction with them.

If this behaviour continues, other DIY options include:

Coins in a can

Place a few coins in an empty tin can and put it close to the edge of the counter top. As your cat jumps, the can should fall off causing a startling loud noise and resulting in your cat running off.

Slippery slide

Place some baking paper over the edge of the counter. When your cat tries to jump up they will have an unsteady grip and slide back down!

There are some aids you can buy from pet shops designed to help with this kind of issue. There is a tape available that sticks to your cats paws, obviously uncomfortable and annoying. Some specific place-mats have bumps or spikes which again are irritating to cats. With their best interests at heart, it’s all about helping your cat to understand that this area is off-limits.

Owning a cat can be a fun and rewarding experience

However, if they suffer an illness or injury, it can also be both stressful and expensive. British Pet Insurance Services can provide the support you and your cat need, whether it is with your insurance cover, making a claim or just helpful advice along the way.

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