As part of Petcover Group’s acquisition of Brooks Braithwaite earlier this year, insurance for boarding catteries is now available!

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Benefits of Cattery Insurance

Following are the best benefits of getting a boarding cattery insurance policy for your business.

Public Liability

The public liability coverage is the biggest perk of the boarding cattery insurance policies. Public liability includes all kinds of compensations that you need to pay when you have trouble with your clients. The public liability policies will cover you when a cat under your care causes any kind of damages to individuals and properties.

Most of these plans begin from £1 million but can also increase to as high as £10 million, depending on the liability coverage policy. This is the most fundamental feature of these policies as it can save cat owners from making payments worth thousands of pounds in a single lawsuit.

Moreover, it also helps avoid the legal hassle of prosecuting a case and makes lives better as a whole.

Product Liability

The product liability policies cover business owners against all kinds of compensations due to damage from products you supply. There is a chance that your product may cause an allergic reaction or a similar complication in these pets.

The pet owners can not only complain about you but will also impact your financial well-being in the long run. However, you can take up a boarding cattery insurance policy and get product liability payments for your settlements.

This is a great way to avoid dipping into your funds to make payments for the boarding cattery.

Care, Custody, and Control

There is a possibility that pet parents may bring their cat to you for care and custody during your working hours. It could also include a chance where you create the perfect cattery for them as a part of your job.

However, the care, custody, and control policies provide complete coverage to professionals in case they end up damaging or injuring the pet cats in any way. It will also include any kind of health reactions due to the food you provide to the pet cats, while they are in your care.

Goods in Transit Coverage

Creating the perfect cattery for your clients may also include cases where you need to transport the pet cats from one place to another. The goods in transit coverage make it easier for professionals to provide compensation in case the pets get injured while transporting them for professional purposes. This includes minor scratches to all kinds of complications, depending on what your insurance policy covers. Thus, you should discuss things with a professional about it.