As part of Petcover Group’s acquisition of Brooks Braithwaite earlier this year, insurance for dog clubs and societies is now available!

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Benefits of Dog Clubs and Societies Insurance

Following are the top benefits of dog clubs and societies insurance.

Public Liability

The biggest concern for most dog clubs and societies is the damage that pet dogs may cause in their facility and surroundings. The public liability also includes damage to property, individuals, and much more.

These liability insurance policies are the most common ones considering most professionals need them. They have good coverage amounts starting from £1 million and ranging as high as £10 million for most business owners.

This makes it easier for business owners to compensate for any kind of damage to individuals and property that a dog under their care may cause.

Care and Custody Coverage

Any pet under a dog club and society is a direct responsibility of these professionals. If a dog becomes sick, gets an injury, or passes away in severe cases, will directly be the responsibility of the service provider.

This makes it harder for most business owners to cover the loss, emotional trauma, and the compensation price on their own. Fortunately, the care and custody insurance policies provide complete coverage in these scenarios. Interestingly, professionals do not need to pay the full cover price. Instead, they can get easy coverage by paying smaller deductibles and the designated premium amount for each payment.

Loss of Pet

Although dog clubs and societies are a great way for a pet to have recreational and interactive activities, they also hurt the dog’s safety if they get away. The service providers are responsible if the pets lose their way and reach somewhere else.

 Fortunately, the dog clubs and societies insurance policies cover all kinds of expenses required for dog replacement and safety. It all depends on the kind of service you opt for providing dog-related solutions.