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If you already hold a pet business policy with British Pet Insurance, this is valid up to the date stated on your policy. When it comes to the time to renew, our team will be in touch to help you with the transition to Brooks Braithwaite.

What Benefits Does Dog Microchipping Insurance Offer?

Following are some of the top benefits that dog microchipping professionals get with microchipping insurance policies.

Instant Coverage

The biggest reason why most dog microchipping professionals need an insurance policy is that these policies provide instant coverage. Most of these cases require instant steps to ensure that the pet parents do not sabotage the professional’s career completely.

Therefore, a professional may offer a non-official settlement with the pet parent. Proper lawsuits on the other hand rank and cost much higher. Most of the dog microchipping insurance policies provide coverage started from £1 million. However, the actual coverage price may differ according to each insurance provider.

Non-Negligent Coverage

Being dog microchipping professional takes a lot of skills and dedication. However, there is always a chance that a professional may make a mistake. However, pet owners may not necessarily understand this. They may even deem the mistake as a case of negligence.

This is challengeable in a court of law and can cost thousands of pounds in compensation. Fortunately, dog microchipping insurance policies can help bear these costs, ensure the financial security, and much more. This covers in case a pet becomes sick, injures itself, or endures any kind of other health damage.

Care, Custody and Control

Care custody and control include all kinds of damages that the pet causes on themselves or others around them while they are under your care. Dogs are quite obedient, but they can be unpredictable at times.

Therefore, dog chipping professionals must have care, custody, and control coverage for their clients. This provides financial protection in case the clients charge them of any kind of legal offence against the pets.

Most of the care, custody, and control cases go in the client’s favour. However, having an insurance policy can help provide for these expenses easily.

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