As part of Petcover Group’s acquisition of Brooks Braithwaite earlier this year, Pet Business policies are now only available through Brooks Braithwaite. In addition to the pet businesses covered by British Pet Insurance, Brooks Braithwaite also provides insurance for boarding kennels, catteries, animal clubs, shows and more!

If you already hold a pet business policy with British Pet Insurance, this is valid up to the date stated on your policy. When it comes to the time to renew, our team will be in touch to help you with the transition to Brooks Braithwaite.

Award-Winning Pet Business Insurance

Professional pet sitters can stay financially secure if they have enough coverage. Therefore, these pet sitters should reach out to professionals only. We suggest you check out our award-winning pet insurance services to find the right plan for you. Our experts at British Pet Insurance will help you find the best pet sitters insurance policies to meet your requirements.

Pet Sitting Business Insurance UK


Benefits of Pet Sitters Insurance

The Public liability pet sitters insurance allows the pet sitters to stay financially safe if the pets cause any public damage. This includes damage to a person or a property. It is one of the most common insurance claims that pet sitters come across. It is because pets are great to sit but can be unpredictable.

Any damage the pets induce during your watch is directly the pet sitter’s problem. Most public liability insurance policies start from £1 million and increase as much as £10 million on average. The policy providers cover all kinds of damages, but you should still discuss your plan’s coverage with professionals accordingly.

Care, Custody, and Control Coverage

The care custody and control coverage provides for pet sitters if the pets cause any damage under their watch. Interestingly, the pets are the pet sitter’s complete responsibility while taking care of them. This includes all kinds of issues that may arise.

This includes severe cases where the pets pass away on your watch and more minor instances in which the pets become slightly sick because of health issues. Pet sitters insurance policies cover all these issues under the care, custody, and control coverage. You can pay for the pet’s treatment and provide better care without worrying about expenses.

Lost Key Coverage

Pet parents need to trust pet sitters with their house keys when they sit with pets. However, these pet owners can still lose the keys, which take hundreds of pounds to replace. There are various costs, including the critical forging requirements, lock replacement costs, professional fees, and much more, that these lost key coverage policies can provide for. The misplaced key coverage policies also make it easier for babysitters to bear minor damage caused by lost keys for the client’s home.