As part of Petcover Group’s acquisition of Brooks Braithwaite earlier this year, Pet Business policies are now only available through Brooks Braithwaite. In addition to the pet businesses covered by British Pet Insurance, Brooks Braithwaite also provides insurance for boarding kennels, catteries, animal clubs, shows and more!

If you already hold a pet business policy with British Pet Insurance, this is valid up to the date stated on your policy. When it comes to the time to renew, our team will be in touch to help you with the transition to Brooks Braithwaite.


Benefits of Pet Taxi Insurance

Following are some of the best benefits of pet taxi insurance policy insurance that you should know about.

Public Liability

Public liability accounts for a large array of payments that the professionals need to pay for otherwise. This includes injuries and damage to public property most commonly. While most businesses undermine this kind of settlement, it is the most costly one. Luckily, the insurance plans provide good coverage amounts for these kinds of insurance policies.

Most of these policies begin with £1 million in payments and can range in a £10 million coverage amount. It all depends on your coverage provider, your premiums, and the kind of insurance policy you take.

This policy coverage insures you do not have to pay anything from your pocket in case of an injury to public individuals or property from a dog under your care. This includes cases where you may bump into another car or person while transporting these pets too.

Accidents and Injury

The accidents and injury policies are highly in demand considering vehicle accidents and injuries are quite common. In severe cases, these accidents can cause death too. Services need to provide monetary coverage and compensation in these cases. Fortunately, the insurance policy provides for these expenses on your behalf like with pet home boarding insurance. However, there is still a deductible amount you need to pay as a service.

Loss of Pet

Pets are obedient in most cases, however, some can act out of character at times. This includes acting aggressive or running away when they get a chance. The service providers need to fulfill the replacement cost to the pet parents in this case. Fortunately, the pet taxi insurance policies come in handy in these cases.

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Pet taxi services need a professional insurance policy for financial coverage in times of need. However, we suggest you check out our services at British Pet Insurance to get a clear idea of how our pet taxi insurance works. We will help you get the best coverage plans and lowest premium payments at the same time.