Why do I need a contract for my pet business?

Why do I need a contract for my pet business?

If you have a pet business, especially a pet sitting/home boarding business, a contract is vital in making sure that both parties are aware of what the business owner can carry out and what the clients’ pet’s needs are. This will also help resolve any disputes that may arise. A contract is useful to know whether the pet has any specific requirements, special care or handling, for example, does the cat not like children? Does the dog not like the mailman?

Some things to consider including when creating a contract:

  • Services providing
  • Payment details
    • How much, when and how the business is paid
  • Pet owner information
    • Name, address, email and a contact telephone number
  • Pet information
    • Name, breed, temperament, any behavioural concerns, medications or special requirements, vet practice registered to, microchip number, routines
  • Emergency contact details
    • Name, relationship to the pet owner, email, contact telephone number 1 & 2
  • Start and end date of pet care
  • Pet collection/drop off times
  • Pet walking requirements
    • AM / PM
    • Which day of the week
    • Permission for off lead dog walking
  • Details of care for cats and other animals
  • Details of property security and key conditions
  • Signatures
    • Pet owner
    • Business owner
  • Time stamp

The consequences of not using a contract and only agreeing on things verbally means that there is no proof of what has been said. This could affect not only the business owner, but also the pet owner. Both parties should keep a copy of the contract for several years after the job. This means if any issues arise afterwards, you can refer to what was agreed.

Hopefully this list will give you a better understanding of what to include in your contract, but don’t forget to tailor it to each service you offer as each one is unique and will have different policies and procedures.

Thought about insurance?

Having insurance for your pet business will cover you for, most importantly, public liability. This means that if a member of the public claimed compensation for an injury or damage that was caused by your pet business, public liability can protect you. Another core cover is care, custody and control of animals – negligence cover. This includes cover for injury, illness of loss of an animal whilst in the care of your business. Read our blog to find out more reasons why insurance is so important for your pet business!

British Pet Insurance Services offers a range of pet business cover levels, insuring; dog walkers, pet sitters, pet home boarders, pet groomers, pet trainers, and pet taxis. Public liability up to £5 million plus optional extras — select the level of cover to suit.

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