How to bond with your bird in 5 different ways

How to bond with your bird in 5 different ways

The biggest mistake bird owners can make is leaving their bird in it’s cage all day with no interaction. Birds are not meant to be part of the furniture, left to sit in their cage for the rest of their lives. It is important to let your bird out and fly freely. But there is more that can be done to create a beautiful bond with you and your bird, getting the most out of your pet and providing them with the best life they can have. Bonding with your bird also prevents stress and loneliness in birds which can cause physical as well as mental health issues, such as feather plucking. They will be your feathery friend in no time with these 5 top tips.

Cuddle with your bird

The best way to bond is to get up close and personal. Holding, petting and grooming your bird will make for a trustful bond. If you feel as though your bird is nervous, start off by petting them lightly with your fingers through the cage. (Keeping them in their cage will make them feel safer and avoid them becoming overwhelmed.) Let them come to you and avoid fast brash actions and being heavy handed, birds are very delicate creatures. Like with any animal bonding takes time so don’t be put off if your bird doesn’t take to your straight away, they are probably just scared and being extra cautious. This is why it’s important for your bird to feel safe in their new home and know you can be trusted. There are also many benefits for humans from petting animals, as it releases chemicals in your brain that de-stress and make you feel relaxed. Before you know it they will be jumping up on your shoulder and resting their head on your cheek!

Teach your bird tricks

Birds are extremely clever and will easily pick up tricks as they love to learn. Birds can be taught tricks such as;

  • Stepping on and off your finger
  • Climbing ladders
  • Mimic your words
  • Climb around on your body

When teaching new tricks to your bird, reward them with their favourite treats if they do well. Give them positive attention and your bond will grow. This will also make your a bird more sociable and friendly.

Share a piece of your food

Flocks of birds in the wild display their bond to one another by sharing food. Sharing bird friendly treats whilst also eating them will show your bird that you are part of their flock and increase their trust in you.

A few things you can both eat are;

  • Bananas
  • Leafy greens
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Cashew nuts

Treat your bird to new toys

There’s nothing like a bit of bribery. Birds love to play so provide your bird with toys that they can play with in their cage. Playing with the bird toys together will also help strengthen your bond, as you learn about each other’s personality traits and grow closer. This will fill your bird with happiness which will result in them being more cuddly and affectionate.

Chat, sing and dance together

The more your bird hears your friendly voice the better. Chat to your bird in a soft voice, tell them about your day (even if they can’t understand you they can pick up on positive emotions you display in your tone). Birds feel included when they are being spoken to, much like humans – you wouldn’t feel happy if you were being ignored by the group of people you lived with! Even better, sing! Birds love to move to music so singing and dancing with your bird will improve their bond with you, as well as keeping them fit and healthy physically.

Your bird will not become your snuggle buddy over night. So be patient and consistent with your time and attention. Don’t rush into scaring your bird off. Over time, the bond will strengthen and your bird will show you some TLC.

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