What are the best pet birds for beginners?

What are the best pet birds for beginners?

Before we kick off with the top 5 pet birds for beginners, here are some things to consider before buying one.


Birds can be very noisy; some can be pleasant, while others not so much. So, if you like your peace and quiet, this may not be the right choice for you!


Birds are very sociable animals and will need a lot of your time and attention, or they can become destructive. They do best with routines they can follow throughout the day, so you may want to assess your daily schedule and avoid working long hours or going away a lot.


Many birds can live a long life (some can live up to 100!), so bear this in mind. Just like a dog, it’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life!


Pet birds don’t just eat a bowl of seeds, to keep them healthy and happy they will also require a varied helping of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Veterinarian & Insurance

Not all vets treat birds, so make sure you have investigated a local avian veterinarian. As vet bills can be expensive, it’s always a good idea to get your new bird of prey insured for peace of mind.

So, you’ve been thinking about getting a pet bird, but not quite sure where to begin or what type of bird is best for you? Well we’re here to help! We have found 5 different types of birds that are perfect for beginners, so keep reading to find your perfect companion!


These are very friendly and affectionate pets when cared for properly. Because they’re so small (and cute!) they make looking after quite easy. They are eager to learn new tricks and can learn to talk – perfect for dinner entertainment!


Cockatiels are exceptionally intelligent and one of the most popular pets in the market. We recommend going for a female cockatiel if you are a beginner as they are gentler compared to their male counterpart.


These are very popular birds; they are tiny, cute and easy to maintain. Even though you will need a lot of time on your hands to give them attention and socialize with them, their great personalities will shine!

Hyacinth Macaws

These blue wonders are the largest parrots on Earth, and because they are so gentle, they are also known as ‘gentle giants’! They love to spend time with their owner cuddling and playing. However, because of their large size, you will need to accommodate accordingly.


Perfect for beginners as they are usually not sure if they are ready for a conversation but love a good sing song! They also don’t like to be handled much, so prefer their time in their cage, this means it is also a perfect pet for your child.

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