COVID-19: How to care for your exotic pet

COVID-19: How to care for your exotic pet

During this outbreak of COVID-19, it is only natural that we will worry about our pets. Our reptiles, tortoises, small mammals and birds may still become poorly or get injured and vets have been given guidance by the Government that face to face contact has to be significantly reduced.


The British Veterinary Association have issued advice to vets that this guidance means that only urgent or emergency care should be given face to face. If your pet is ill or injured, you will need to contact your vet and follow their instructions. Following on from this it is likely that all day to day veterinary activities will be cancelled.

Spend time

As always, our exotic pets can provide comfort and love during these times and it is a great reason to spend more time with them. This time could be spent cuddling and handling them or carrying out a spring clean of their home space, be it a vivarium, hutch or other area.

Wash hands

Make sure you wash your hands before and after handling your pet. There is little evidence shown currently that pets can catch COVID-19 or pass it to us. This is obviously changing daily and we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. It is believed that transmission remains human to human only.


At this time, it is still possible to buy food (including live food) for your exotic pets. It is worth checking to see if your local pet shop or supplier is offering a delivery service as it is always beneficial to support our local businesses, but even more so now. There are also online exotic pet supplies retailers, although delivery times could be affected so be aware and order accordingly.

Further information

For further information on any of the government guidelines on COVID-19, please visit

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