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Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds around the world, shortly behind French Bulldogs. The breed first started to help cattle farmers manage their herd. These dogs have also participated in a blood sport called bull-baiting in the past. However, they are gentle companions that adults and children love.

Several people thought that the breed would become extinct once bull-baiting became illegal in the UK. However, the breed continued to thrive. For example, its crossbreeding led to a boxer (breed). The original bulldogs in the UK were smaller compared to the other variations.

The bulldogs we see today are different from their ancestors as they have become less aggressive, more adaptable and fit in very well with families. It is a major reason why they are popular among dog lovers around the world. Let us look at some amazing facts and characteristics of this breed.

  • Bulldogs weren’t too big originally.
  • They are courageous and can defend themselves
  • They get along with everyone, especially children
  • Bulldogs have a short muzzle and wide lower jawline
  • They participated in the gruesome sport of bull-baiting, which was later banned by the government in 1835.

People are now adopting bulldogs as their pets more than ever, but there are a few health concerns that all bulldogs may experience. In addition, you should know that keeping a bulldog can cost owners around £3762 a year. We are going to mention the Health issues bulldogs may experience, for your guidance.

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Bulldogs may be muscular, strong and brave but they may develop some medical problems that we are going to mention below.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Bulldogs are a flat-faced breed and can suffer from breathing complexities like brachycephalic syndrome. They can also have narrow nostrils and an elongated palate, which could result in low exercise tolerance, breathing noises and difficulty.

You may also see them wheezing and snoring because of their face structure. Fortunately, there are several surgical procedures that you can use to treat your dog for this disease. However, it can cost the dog owners a lot.

Joint Problems

Bulldogs can suffer from joint problems like elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and several other degenerative joint diseases. Most of these diseases can indicate an early chance of developing arthritis. The biggest problem is that you cannot reverse most of these conditions.

There are ways to manage these joint problems, but it is better to first get your bulldog checked thoroughly by an experienced vet.


Entropion is an eyelid related disease in which the eyelid can turn inward or outward and cause the dog’s eyelashes to rub on the eyes. This disease isn’t dangerous on its own but it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort when the bulldog scratches itself.

Dry eye – Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS)

Dry eye is a serious concern for most dog owners because the dog’s eye experiences an imbalance of tear production. The eye either produces insufficient amounts of tears, or excess of it. This causes the eye to become very dry, cause ulcers, redness and discomfort.

Cherry Eye

This medical condition occurs when the nictitating membrane starts reversing, which can cause “a third eye.” You can solve this issue through a simple surgical procedure.

Skin Infections

Bulldogs have layers of skin on their face and around their bodies that can overlap. While this makes the dog look unique, it can also cause several health, which is why treating it is important.

For instance, some dogs can develop skin infections, rashes, and skin fold pyoderma. This usually occurs due to the bacteria in the skin and needs treatment right away.

Bulldogs are also heavily related to French bulldogs, and we also have insurance on French bulldogs, in case you also own a French bulldog!

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Bulldogs are a great companion and an amazing pet choice for your house. However, it is important to provide them the care they deserve. It becomes difficult for many bulldog owners to provide them with clinical treatment because of financial reasons.