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The Doberman is best known for its intelligence and athletic body. It is also one of the most protective dog breeds you will see. While you can train the Doberman, these dogs have a dominant attitude to protect themselves and their owners. They make excellent guard dogs but people also love them as pet companions. They are muscular, fast and range between the sizes of 24 to 28 inches to the shoulder on average.

Doberman also has different coats, including glistering black, blue, fawn with some rust markings. They have a wedge-shaped head, which makes them look distinctive from other dog breeds. What’s more interesting about these dogs is their history.

Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman was the first man to breed these dogs in Germany. He was a tax collector who also ran an Apolda dog pound. He was able to breed different dogs because of easy access to so many dogs.

Doberman cross-bred the German Pinscher, Great Dane, and German Shepherd dogs to create a dog with stamina, strength, and intelligence all in one, which we now know as the Doberman. These dogs make the best guard dogs, but there are some other facts that you should know about them.

  • Doberman came into existence as late as 1800’s making them a fairly new dog breed
  • Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Beauceron, Great Dane, German shorthaired pointer, Black and Tan Terrier, Greyhound, and Manchester Terrier are all believed to have been used in the process for creating the Doberman breed.
  • These dogs have sensitive ears and tails, which can cause future injuries
  • People use these dogs for scent tracking, guiding the blind, diving, search and rescue, coursing, and therapy.
  • They have also participated in the WW2 warning soldiers about enemy troops ahead.

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Why Doberman Owners are Insuring with British Pet Insurance?

Following are some diseases that you should know before owning a Doberman.

Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)

CHD is a common issue in larger breeds, causing the head of the femur to meet with the hip socket incorrectly causing pain and walking issues in most cases. This requires taking X-rays and deciding treatments accordingly.


The Doberman’s heart enlarges extensively in this disease. This usually occurs because of Demodex canis, which is a dangerous mite for dogs. This can also cause breathing issues, stamina reduction and overall health problems for the dog.

Gastric Torsion

Gastric Torsion causes the stomach to inflate because of excessive gas inside which can often cause the stomach tissue inside to die. It may also cause bloating which stops the gas from exiting. While the disease can be lethal for dogs, simple management tips like ensuring your dog eats right gets enough exercise can help avoid this complication, to begin with. All you need to do is ensure that you provide it with the care it needs.


Osteosarcoma or bone cancer is more common in the Doberman breed than one may think and the treatment depends on the severity of cancer in the Doberman. This can cause dog owners thousands of pounds to treat because it is both long and expensive.

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The Doberman breed is an ideal choice for security, or if you want to pet or lap dogs. However, owning these dogs can cost a lot, which is why they need UK dog insurance to cover these expenses. We suggest you check out our award-winning pet insurance services at British Pet Insurance to get the best coverage plans for your Doberman. We will ensure that you have the resources to provide your dog with the best care. You can also contact us for advice and tips.