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Pugs are a low-maintenance dog breed popular in groups that do not have much experience with dog keeping as seen in our French Bulldog insurance. However, these dogs can gain weight very fast, risking obesity. They have a short muzzle and feel discomfort in hot and humid temperatures.

They can suffer heatstroke, and require constant attention. Pugs can also experience eye damage due to moisture, and pug owners need to keep them under constant check. They can live up to 14 or 15 years of age, making them an ideal family companion for several years.

The pugs originally come from China and are a result of local Chinese breeds crossbreeding with the Mastiff-type dogs in the other regions. They have round heads and a rather wrinkly skinny, which is also a unique feature of these dogs. They reached Holland via shipping from the Dutch East India Company.

In addition to this, in 1572, pugs saved Prince William’s life by alarming him of the Spanish invaders. This also tied the pugs permanently to the Orange House. Following are some interesting facts and characteristics of these dogs that you should know.

  • They are low maintenance
  • Pugs are loving and loyal
  • They do not like the cold weather much
  • Pugs are prone to eye diseases because of their bulging eyes.