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The Siberian husky is a medium-sized working sledge dog breed, which belongs to the Spitz category, with dogs like Pomeranians and others. The most prominent features of this dog breed include its double coat, erect ears, and its distinct markings. It is an athletic breed known best for its eagerness to work and strength.

They also have a high endurance towards physical activities and have an active attitude. Siberian huskies first originated in North-East Asia and have grown popular in the colder regions, since they do not adjust well in warmer climates.

While huskies are energetic, they still require a lot of attention and care in some cases. Let’s have a quick look at their interesting history.

The Siberian husky first originated in North-East Asia where the Chuchki people first started breeding these dogs to pull sledges and other manual work. These Siberian huskies first came to the U.S. when the people in Alaska became interested in breeding them. These dogs have created a good reputation for assistive dogs.

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Why Siberian husky Owners are Insuring with British Pet Insurance?

The Siberian husky makes a good pet dog but there are a few health problems that these dogs can face. Let us discuss them below:


Siberian huskies can develop Cataracts between the ages of six months to a year on average. This can result in blindness in most cases and cause lifestyle issues.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

The Siberian husky’s eye starts to deteriorate over time in this health complication and can lead to blindness in long run. The disease requires corrective surgery, which costs thousands of pounds

Corneal Dystrophy

The Siberian husky develops while dots on its cornea in this health condition. This can lead to hazy vision and compromise the dog’s sight in the long run.

Uveodermatologic Syndrome

This is a skin and eye disease at the same time, which can cost the Siberian husky its life in rare cases. Therefore, treating this issue is a must and requires medication.

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Siberian huskies are an ideal companion for people in the colder regions, but they require extra care and attention. The average cost of owning these dogs can go up to £1000, or higher in some cases if you include the vet visits, medication, and treatments. Managing this amount is a bit difficult for most dog owners, which is why they need pet insurance to help them manage it. We suggest that you reach out to our experts at British Pet Insurance to get the right pet insurance. We are an award-winning insurance service provides and we ensure that your Siberian husky gets the attention it deserves. Hence, you do not need to worry about the finances while taking care of it.