Why Use British Pet Insurance to Insure your Bearded Dragon?

You can place insurance cover on your bearded dragon as low as £5 a month over 12 months and get up to £5,000 in pet cover with our comprehensive exotic pet insurance.

Our cover can protect your bearded dragon from a plethora of incidents from accidental injury to theft, your pet can be protected on our easy-to-understand policy.

We aim to make the claim process as simple as getting a quote, so you can concentrate on the health of your breaded dragon. You can easily click on the ‘Get Quote’ buttons our page to check these out.

Most Common Claims for Bearded Dragons

As one of the most popular exotic pets, bearded dragons are often on our claims list, our most common claims for breaded dragons are:

  • Metabolic bone disease (MBD)
  • Mouth Rot (Infectious Stomatitis)
  • Parasites
  • Respiratory infections
  • Adenovirus infection

Comprehensive Bearded Dragon Insurance Plans

Our comprehensive range of bearded dragon insurance plans can assist you in tailored plans for your budget insuring that your bearded dragon gets the best cover and makes your life easier.