Why insure your horse with British Pet Insurance?

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Horse Insurance UK - How Can We Help?

However, if they suffer an illness or injury, it can also be both stressful and expensive.

This is where we can help.

To ensure we really understand and cater for you and your horse’s needs, our sole focus is pet insurance.

We aim to make the claim process smooth, quick, and easy, so you can concentrate on the health of your horse.

British Pet Insurance Services can provide the support you and your horse need, whether it is with your insurance cover, making a claim or just helpful advice along the way.

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Our comprehensive range of horse insurance plans

have been tailored to suit all needs and budgets.

Insuring your horse has never been easier.

Horse insurance policy information

View the horse insurance PW (Policy Wording) and IPID (Insurance Product Information Document) for full terms and conditions. For more information, please see our FAQs.


How Do I Choose an Insurance Policy for My Horse?

All kinds of horse pets, from fancy show horses to straightforward pasture horses, require insurance for better quality care. You should think of various types of coverage while choosing an insurance policy for your horse.

Types of Horse Insurance Coverage

While the needs of every horse differ for insurance policies, the following are some coverage you should add to your insurance policy before getting a final valuation of your horse.

Death Coverage

Horses usually have good health, but they can still pass away at any time. Therefore, you should ensure your horse for death coverage. These coverage costs include expenses for an accident, illness, or disease suffered by your horse. Moreover, you can add the removal and disposal costs in this kind of coverage for your horse.

Cover Theft or Straying

The insurance coverage companies provide expense coverage for advertising your horse as missing if it gets stolen or strays away. Additionally, the insurance policy covers owners for their horse’s current price if it does not return within 28 days of the claim.

Public Liability 

The public liability coverage plans cover you if the public suffers damage or injuries because of your horse. This could lead to a lawsuit or other serious legal matter. These kinds of insurance plans initially begin with a price of £1 million. These horses can get out of control and wreak havoc on others.

Horse Insurance UK Cover

How Does Our Horse Insurance Work?

While most of the expenses are covered in public injury coverage, you need to ensure coverage for sickness and treatment for your horse. These usually include accident, injury, disease, etc.

However, there are other expenses like maintenance procedures, veterinary call and travel charges, transport of the horse for treatment, etc., that the policy does not cover.

Moreover, horses over the age of 15 or 30 may not get coverage as efficiently as younger horses, primarily because they are at a higher risk of encountering a medical issue. Contact us regarding older horse insurance cover today.

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British Pet Insurance - Award Winning Horse Insurance

It is pretty difficult for most horse owners to find a suitable insurance policy for their pet horses. However, British Pet Insurance will ensure you have sufficient coverage with our award-winning service. You can rely on us to provide you with the finances for your horse’s treatment and care.