Horslyx and British Pet Insurance

British Pet Insurance and equine balancer manufacturer Horslyx come together to raise UK equine owners' awareness of alternative options to help reduce injury to handlers, horses, and ponies in stressful situations.

The specialist pet and equine companies share common values and aims in ensuring the health and wellbeing of the UK’s nearly 1 million horses and ponies. They have joined forces to raise awareness of alternative methods to keep animals calm and under control, while reducing injury risk to horse and handler under situations of potential stress. Research carried out has shown that one in every seven vets has been injured by a horse or pony at some point in their career. This is a recurring problem, with 95% of vets expecting to see challenging equines every month and the issues range from pushy, barging horses to rearing and kicking.

One way to tackle these dangers is with positive reinforcement and distraction methods such as Mini Horslyx which can help in these circumstances. Whilst many long-time equine owners would not consider a distraction in these situations, British Pet Insurance and Horslyx strongly encourage owners to use alternative practices in the interests of handler and horse welfare.

British Pet Insurance CEO Andy Pearce says, “As an equine insurance provider, the health and wellbeing of horses and ponies is at the forefront of our attention. Our aim is to assist and educate pet owners on how to better look after their animals, minimizing the need for medical treatment, therefore helping to retain lower premium costs.

“Horslyx is uniquely placed to understand the needs of horses and ponies, and we wholeheartedly support their drive to raise awareness of alternative handling methods in challenging situations.”

Created with the aim of maintaining a horse’s optimum health and wellbeing, Horslyx – “horse licks” – provide a unique and convenient dietary supplement to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing. Indeed, Horslyx ‘balancers’ encourage trickle feeding, giving a horse all of their daily vitamin and mineral requirements without the extra calories, whilst the handheld Mini Horslyx can provide a positive distraction in stressful situations.

Horslyx Business Manager Fiona Nellis commented, “We are looking forward to Horslyx working together in collaboration with British Pet Insurance. We share core beliefs, and both understand that horse health and welfare are paramount. We are excited about the opportunities for future joint campaigns and mutual research, which will be of benefit to both horse and rider.”

Horslyx in turn is recommending British Pet Insurance as the insurance provider of choice and is looking forward to them being able to share their insight in supporting customers with answers to common questions around equine insurance.

The joint effort to educate equine owners on a wide range of equine-related care will go a long way towards British Pet Insurance’s continued aim of protecting the nation’s pets.

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With nearly 1 million horses and ponies in the UK, ensuring their health and wellbeing is paramount to their owners and carers. Click below to find out more about the British Pet Insurance and Horslyx collaboration and its aims to support horses and ponies, and their owners and carers.

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