As part of Petcover Group’s acquisition of Brooks Braithwaite earlier this year, Pet Business policies are now only available through Brooks Braithwaite. In addition to the pet businesses covered by British Pet Insurance, Brooks Braithwaite also provides insurance for boarding kennels, catteries, animal clubs, shows and more!

If you already hold a pet business policy with British Pet Insurance, this is valid up to the date stated on your policy. When it comes to the time to renew, our team will be in touch to help you with the transition to Brooks Braithwaite.

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Our wide range of dog walking insurance policies is for everyone. We offer choice, flexibility, and optional extras to suit. Get a professional insurance quote and see if you could save.

We assure you that you’ll feel as confident as can be when walking your client’s dogs, and have all types of cover when running aspects of your business.


What Kind of Dog Walker Insurance do you need?

Owners can choose from various kinds of dog walker insurance plans. Most of these insurance policies include public liability costs that dog owners would pay otherwise. It is important to understand how public liability works before choosing the policy.

How Does Public Liability Work?

Public liability covers you in case someone from the general public reports property damage or accidental injury because of your pet. This also includes any kind of damage you cause during your work because of your pet.

It is a good idea to get this insurance because dogs are unpredictable. Most of these dogs do not mean harm per se but can cause damage because of minor cases of aggression or attraction towards something. For example, people can trip over tangled leads, which causes most injuries. If a dog causes any kind of damage while a dog walker is walking it, you can be liable to pay it in some states. Others may treat the dog walker as the owner while taking care of it.

Even though the dogs cause the accidents, the caretaker is the one responsible for the damage. It is because the caretaker did not stop the dog in time. This will hit you with compensation, legal fee, and several other expenses, causing thousands of pounds on average.


How much is the Premium for Public Liability Insurance Policy?

The liability on the dog walker or the dog owner varies from region to region. For instance, some regions in UK clear laws for liability in either case. However, the premium amount for dog walker depends on various factors that insurers determine before agreeing to the policy. These factors include the following:

Size of your Business

The size of your business depends on the number of dogs you walk and how frequently you work with dogs. It is because the more you go out with dogs, the more likely you will suffer a public liability. The providers will still provide you with the insurance, just at a higher price.

The amount You Need to Cover

The premiums depend on the amount that you wish to cover. A usual public liability costs around £1000 at least. You can present your required amount to get your corresponding premium amount.

History Claims

Your claim history plays the most vital role in the premium cost calculation. For example, you will have a harder time getting a good premium cost if you have tons of past cases for history claims. Therefore, you must maintain care while dog walking from day one.

British Pet Insurance- The Dog Walker Insurance You Need

It is quite understandable that dog walking is quite popular in the UK. Dog walkers can walk no more than 4 dogs on average according to the legal boundaries. However, that can be challenging depending on the dog breed you handle.

You should only hire a reliable dog walker insurance company to ensure you have financial coverage. We are best known for our pet insurance and dog walker insurance because we understand how important pets are to people. You can reach out to us at British Pet Insurance for suggestions and advice. We will help you get the best coverage plans as per your needs.