Taking your dog to Pride events

Taking your dog to Pride events

With pride month approaching, and multiple events taking place over the summer months, there are some things to consider before bringing your dog along for the celebrations.

Here are our tips to keep your dog safe while you celebrate at pride events:

1. Check the forecast first

Is there a possibility of severe weather? You don’t want to expose your dog to extreme heat since their paws could burn on hot concrete, and there is a risk of heatstroke if outside for too long.

Of course, wherever you take your dog, make sure they always have access to fresh water no matter the weather. Always make an effort to avoid taking them out in the middle of the day, and make sure there is enough shade for them to relax in.

2. Keep the crowd in mind

With lots of celebrations, and large crowds likely to be taking part, only bring your dog if they’re comfortable in crowded places. If this is the case, they’ll have a fantastic time grabbing the attention of everyone around them!

However, it is advisable to avoid bringing your dog if they are inclined to grow frightened and defensive in a crowd full of new people. This is for both their safety as well as those around them. If you do decide to bring your dog along, make sure they have enough identification on their collar or harness just in case they end up lost in the crowd.

3. Take a break

Even though it will be a fun day for everyone involved, your dog could get too excited with all that is going on. Before they join the party again, find a cool, shady place for them to calm down and have a quick rest.

4. Give them a treat!

Tell your dog several times that they are doing a terrific job. If it’s their first time, giving them their favourite snacks throughout the day will help them develop a positive relationship with occasions like this!

We wish you all the best as you celebrate Pride with your fur families – and if your dog is joining you, we’d love to see some photos! Feel free to send them to marketing@petcover.uk.com