Date: 13/02/20
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Winter Country Fashion

Winter Country Fashion

There won’t be many people that will be jumping for joy once the temperature starts to drop and winter draws in but, there are ways to cheer yourself up with some retail therapy and kit yourself out with a brand new country wardrobe especially for the winter months to help you stay warm and dry.
You have a few options with winter jackets, you do want something that is roomy enough you can layer underneath it but waterproof and warm enough to keep you dry and toasty. Long padded knee-length jacket will be a good idea if you are teaching, coaching, or simply spending a lot of time hanging around at shows, between classes or milling around the yard or stables. The Noble Equestrian Dynamic Performance Parka would be ideal for this, there is the Barbour Bransby Waterproof Jacket, although shorter on the length. If long jackets aren’t your thing, you have many options for shorter coats, just make sure they are warm enough and waterproof, so you don’t get wet.

Another option is too look for thermal base layers, these will keep you warm during the cold months and can be picked up at a reasonable cost. The Shires thermal hunting shirt will work just a well for a hack as it will for a hunt, it even has a raised collar which will help keep your neck warm whilst you’re out around the yard or riding. Polo necks are great as they’ll keep your neck warm without the worry or a scarf flying about and getting caught in something.

It’s one thing keeping your body warm but with cold, wet socks and feet, you won’t be feeling any benefits. Thermal socks are a great idea for added warmth on your feet and can be picked up from numerous places both online and in the high street. Long waterproof boots are going to be your best bet at keeping your feet dry, lower shoes and boots have the potential to let water in from the top but opting for a longer boot should help you avoid this. The Mark Todd long lather field boot for both men and women are a good choice for both on yard work, field work and for riding. If you want a bit of extra warmth you can also consider thermal leggings or over-trouser waterproofs.

Don’t neglect your hands and ears! You can pick up riding helmet specifically designed ear warmers but for the most part standard gloves and hats should suffice. You can buy headbands that can go over your riding helmet to keep your ears warm and if you really need a scarf but don’t want to risk getting it caught in something, you can always pick yourself a snood or neck warmer to keep your neck warm without running the risk of snagging the loose ends of your scarf on something.

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