How to rescue and rehome a bird with Birdline

How to rescue and rehome a bird with Birdline

Birdline is the UK’s largest parrot rescue organisation. British Pet Insurance are proud sponsors of Birdline and are honoured to support their work in rescuing and rehoming birds to give them a happy home.

Why do birds need to be rescued & rehomed?

There are so many birds which require new homes within the UK, these can be for a myriad of reasons from, the owners circumstances changing which means they can no longer care for the bird, the bird’s circumstances changing which means they need a new partner for their continuing years or for the simple reason new owners don’t always understand the commitment of having a bird within their lives and are not willing to adjust their lives for their new bird. Over the last 20 years Birdline have rehomed 5,000 birds allowing them to find their happy forever home.

What do Birdline do?

As an entirely self-funded charity, they look after birds to find their next home, support the matching of a bird with their next owner to ensure they both bond and can live happily together, and provide education to raise the standard in the care of parrots throughout the UK.

Safe housing a bird after rescue

Birdline’s network of volunteers accept birds as donations for rehoming, which they are then placed in a safe house. Birdline members, all over the UK, take in and safe house these birds, where they are assessed for their needs and cared for by the hard working Birdline members. Some birds which are rescued require specialist care and so may stay with a safe house for the rest of their lives rather than being rehomed.

Rehome a bird after being safe housed

Once a bird is ready to find a new home, they are then registered into the fostering programme. All Birdline birds are rehomed to a foster parent rather than being permanently adopted. This means the bird remains the ownership of Birdline, this ensures that if the foster parents circumstance changes then Birdline can help again to provide support, or if needed, provide another happy home for the bird.

Provide support & advice

Being a Birdline member allows you access to so much exclusive information online on how to care for your bird, your Birdline safe housed bird or your fostered Birdline bird.

Each area of the UK has its own Birdline expert for members to contact for any help or advice on looking after and supporting your bird. You can also only safe house or rehome a fostered bird after becoming a Birdline member.

How can you support Birdline?

Your donation to become a Birdline member helps Birdline cover the cost of the care to bringing neglected birds back to full health. You can become a member of Birdline online here.

You can volunteer your time. Birdline are always looking for people to help assist with home checks for prospective new foster parents, collecting donated birds, attending shows promoting the charity and the day to day running of the charity.

Lastly, the most important way you can support Birdline is providing a forever home to a rescue bird rather than buying a new bird from a breeder. Previously neglected birds deserve the chance of a happy forever home, don’t they? Meet all the wonderful birds looking for new homes, and start the process of rehoming a Birdline bird.

How we support Birdline?

We promote the good work of the charity at every opportunity we have. This can be through our Facebook, Instagram, at events, newsletters to our customers and in our everyday chats with our customers.

We have provided financial support to enable the charity to continue to support birds needing help.

Lastly, we provide all Birdline members 10% off their insurance costs for all their help and support they give to the charity. Get a quote online or call us on 01444 708840 quoting 10BLM.

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