African Grey Parrot Husbandry Guide


A beginners guide on African Grey Parrots

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What to look for when buying a bearded dragon


Before deciding to dive in and buy your new pet, read on to make sure you are clued up on everything they will need, what they eat, how much it is going to cost and more.

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Best Birds for Beginners


Are you looking for the perfect beginner pet bird? We give you our top best birds and what to consider before buying one.

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Obesity in reptiles


Tips on how to check for obesity in your reptile

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Heatstroke in reptiles


We give you tips on how to keep your reptile cool in this summer heat, and how to spot the signs of heat stroke.

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100 Popular Pet Bird Names


We've put together 100 popular pet bird names for you to choose from

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Shedding in snakes: Do's and Don'ts


One of the most important basics of snake husbandry is to know how to handle problematic sheds.

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Heatstroke in small mammals


We give you tips on how to keep your small mammal cool in this summer heat, and how to spot the signs of heatstroke.

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D.I.Y Parrot food recipes


Enjoy 3 new and adventurous DIY bird food recipes for your parrot and outdoor birds.

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Why should you get an exotic pet?


We give you 3 quick reasons to get an exotic pet if you're sitting on the fence.

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Why do chameleons change colour?


So why do chameleons change colour? And how does it work? We give you the science behind this phenomenon.

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Exotic celebrity pet influencers


We’ve scoured the internet to find the most impressive, exotic and unusual pets that have become the most popular social media influencers in the World.

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Weird exotic pets: Part 1


We uncover some of the weird pets you can keep in the UK, totally legal and totally cool! Part 1 of 2.

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5 most common illnesses reptiles suffer from


We list some of the most common diseases, viruses and infections that you or your reptile can catch, as well as ways to prevent them.

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What to look for when finding a vet


We go over some helpful hints on what to look for when checking out exotic vets.

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10 weird exotic pets you can keep in the UK - Part 2


We go over 10 exotic animals you can keep in the UK. Part 2 of 2.

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Friendly Reptiles - Bearded Dragons


Their gentle nature and easy-going personality earn them a spot in the British Pet Insurance list of friendly reptiles.

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Friendly reptiles: Leopard Geckos


The first friendly reptile that features in our list is the Leopard Gecko and there are many compelling reasons to welcome this cute little lizard into your household.

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Birds: Beak care


The condition of your bird’s beak is a good indicator of their overall health. Learning to look out for abnormalities in the size, texture and colour of your bird’s beak will help you identify and resolve common health problems.

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5 ways to bond with your bird


The biggest mistake owners can make is leaving their bird in it’s cage. Birds are not meant to be part of the furniture, left to sit in their cage for the rest of their lives.

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Do rats make good pets? Dispelling myths


The bad rep that rats have been given is largely undeserved and due to a number of misconceptions.

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How much does it cost to keep a parrot?


So you’ve decided you want to buy a parrot, but you’re not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

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5 feathery facts about Macaws


Macaws are a popular choice in pets from the Parrot Family. They’re sociable personalities make for a colourful companion to keep you entertained.

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Leopard Gecko housing tips


Leopard geckos are very popular as pets today, and with the right information, anyone can give a leopard gecko a good home.

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Caring for your Cockatoo's emotional needs


Keeping a cockatoo as a pet can be a truly rewarding experience as they often form strong bonds with their owner.

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What to feed a Bearded Dragon


It’s important to know that a Bearded Dragon will have different dietary requirements as a hatchling to that of an adult Bearded Dragon. You must feed them a diet of crickets, meal worms and vegetables, as well as calcium supplements.

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Micro Pigs: Sizing, feeding and caring guide


How big do micro pigs actually get? What do you feed a pig and can you house them indoors, or outdoors? We go over the basics of caring for a miniature pig.

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Tips on tortoise hibernation


Hibernating your tortoise is not as easy as just setting up a nice bed for your tortoise for winter. Here are some tips to help ensure a safe hibernation.

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4 things to consider before buying a turtle


For all the apartment-dwellers out there who dream of owning a pet but have heartless landlords who won’t allow them to keep a dog or cat, I have a solution for you: a turtle!

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Feather plucking in birds


Feather plucking is a symptom, not the actual problem itself. It's when a bird starts to pick at, pull out or mutilate its feathers.

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Exotic pet insurance for tortoises


Even though your tortoise is currently healthy, things can change, and vet bills can quickly add up in the event of an injury or illness. In the event of an injury or illness vet bills are often unexpected and an unpleasant surprise.

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Why choose British Pet Insurance for reptiles?


Even though your reptile is currently healthy, things can change, and vet bills can quickly add up in the event of an injury or illness. In the event of an injury or illness vet bills are often unexpected and an unpleasant surprise.

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Thinking of getting an unusual pet?


Deciding on a pet to get is tricky, let alone an unusual pet like a reptile or a bird. That’s why we want to help the UK’s community of exotic pet owners with our guide to choosing the perfect pet for you.

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Corn Snake Husbandry Guide


Corn snakes make good beginner pets because they are docile and they rarely present feeding difficulties or costly health problems.

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The laws around owning a bird of prey


Can you legally own a bird of prey as a pet in the UK? Do you need a license to keep a Bird of prey?

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How to look after your bird


Birds can be joyful companions to have in your home. They can brighten up your house as well as your day, with their colourful feathers and playful characters.

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5 of the most popular snake breeds for beginners


Are you looking for a small easy to manage pet snake? A pet snake that doesn’t eat mice, or doesn’t require feeding all the time? Or just a friendly snake that won’t bite and doesn’t mind being handled?

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Vegetarian reptiles


Are you interested in buying a new scaly friend, but put off by feeding them live stock?

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Bearded Dragon Set Up - Vivarium Advice


Are you considering getting a bearded dragon? We've created a useful guide to building the perfect vivarium for your bearded dragon.

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100 popular pet names for reptiles, snakes, geckos and lizards


We've come up with 100 names to choose from when naming your exotic pet, so you don't have to!

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Why choose us for exotic pet insurance?


Exotic pets can differ greatly in cost and even though your exotic pet may not have cost so much to buy – vet bills can quickly add up. In the event of an injury or illness it's best to have insurance cover.

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