How to avoid first time horse riding mistakes

How to avoid first time horse riding mistakes

Riding a horse for the first time isn’t quite like riding a bike, for one, there are no training wheels and secondly, horses can be unpredictable animals. You will make mistakes but learn from them and you’ll be perfecting the art of mastering the saddle in no time.

Here we run down through a few mistakes that you can avoid making before taking your first ride.

Avoid baggy clothes

There is one major and important reason that most riding gear is not loose or baggy and stays form-fitting, baggy and loose clothing can get caught and cause you to be dragged along by the horse. One of the things that you will learn the more you go horse riding is that you will fall off, if that does happen wearing form-fitting clothing will allow you to fall freely without getting caught or snagged.

Don’t strap yourself to the horse

This goes hand in hand with the above. First-time riders will be worried about falling and on instinct secure themselves to the horse or saddle, this is a bad idea as it will make the likelihood of falling, getting caught and dragged along far more likely.

Wear your helmet

Even if you are stood stationary, always wear your helmet. You must always remember to wear it, horses can be unpredictable, and you need to stay prepared for all eventualities. Keep safe by making sure you always have a helmet on whilst on your horse.


As with the loose clothing and/or attaching yourself to the saddle, the wrong footwear can get stuck in stirrups and cause you to be dragged along if you are unable to get your foot free. Try to find a shoe or boot that has a slight heel to it, something like cowboy boots would be ideal.

Keep hold of the reins

It is an impulse to let go of the reins if you get scared or frightened and hold on to the horse. This isn’t a good idea, the reins allow you control of the horse and by unexpectedly letting them go you may startle the horse, causing them in turn to panic. Hold the reins steady and listen to what your instructor is telling you, don’t panic and take a deep breath.


Listen to what your instructor is telling you, they are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to help you better your riding and posture. Remember to let them know if you feel worried or unsafe and they will help.

Don’t quit

Don’t quit, it may feel hard but with all times, learning to ride takes time and practise but if you dedicate yourself to it, you’ll be mastering the saddle in no time.

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