British Pet Insurance and Horslyx

With nearly 1 million horses and ponies in the UK, ensuring their health and wellbeing is paramount to their owners and carers. The British Pet Insurance and Horslyx collaboration aims to support them on a wide range of equine related care, health and welfare.

Watch out for more news from British Pet Insurance and Horslyx coming soon, with the opportunity for horse lovers to take part in groundbreaking research studies, enter competitions, and catch up on the latest equine news.

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Press Release
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A word from Fiona and Andy...

British Pet Insurance CEO Andy Pearce says, “As an equine insurance provider, the health and wellbeing of horses and ponies is at the forefront of our attention. Our aim is to assist and educate pet owners on how to better look after their animals, minimizing the need for medical treatment, therefore helping to retain lower premium costs.”

Horslyx Business Manager Fiona Nellis commented, “We are looking forward to Horslyx working together in collaboration with British Pet Insurance. We share core beliefs, and both understand that horse health and welfare are paramount. We are excited about the opportunities for future joint campaigns and mutual research, which will be of benefit to both horse and rider.”

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Horslyx Balancers

Supply your horse with a balance of nutrients to help keep him healthy, happy and performing at his best. Used and trusted by horse owners around the world, Horslyx Balancers provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements in one easy to use, cost effective lick. With a range of sizes and formulations, there is a Horslyx for every horse and pony.

✓ Balances the nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing
✓ Contains biotin and zinc for optimum hoof support
✓ Contains powerful anti-oxidants, to support and maintain a healthy immune system
✓ Licking enhances saliva production, which helps support digestive health
✓ Handheld Mini Horslyx are the ultimate reward, perfect for performing stretches and a useful distraction from stressful situations

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British Pet Insurance

Whether you own a horse or loan a pony, British Pet Insurance Services have you covered. With a range of policy options packed with added benefits, select the level of cover to suit your needs.

✓ Up to £7,000 cover.
✓ Including complementary treatments and hospitalisation.
✓ Quick and simple claims process.
✓ No additional charges for paying monthly.
✓ Feefo Platinum Trusted Service from our friendly UK team.