Date: 30/07/19
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100 Popular Pet Bird Names

100 popular pet names for Birds, Parrots, Owls and Birds of Prey.

Choosing a name for your pet bird is just as difficult as choosing a name for a baby! Each bird, just like humans, have their own personality, that’s why choosing the right name to reflect this is so important. We have compiled a list of the most popular pet bird, parrot, owl and bird of prey names…enjoy!

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  1. Charlie

  2. Tweety

  3. Buddy

  4. Angel

  5. Baby

  6. Buddy

  7. Pepper

  8. Sky

  9. Sunshine

  10. Feathers

  11. Squeak

  12. Pipsqueak

  13. Cotton

  14. Rascal

  15. Sparky

  16. Birdie

  17. Penny

  18. Candy

  19. Kiwi

  20. Daisy

  21. Sunny

  22. Tango

  23. Ginger

  24. Romeo

  25. Juliet

  26. Belle/Bella

  27. Tiki

  28. Lola

  29. Blueberry

  30. Pikachu

  31. Indie/Indy

  32. Jet

  33. Bugs

  34. Big bird

  35. Blossom

  36. Buck beak

  37. Griffin

  38. Zazu

  39. Max

  40. Willow

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  1. Rio

  2. Skittles

  3. Jewel

  4. Ruby

  5. Polly

  6. Paco

  7. Rainbow

  8. Blue/Blu

  9. Paulie

  10. Lago

  11. Azul

  12. Chirpy

  13. Dolly

  14. Margalo

  15. Crackers

  16. Mango

  17. Scarlett

  18. Jet

  19. Pilot

  20. Ace

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  1. Hedwig

  2. Owlbus Dumbledore

  3. Owlbert Einstein

  4. Whisper

  5. Bonbon

  6. Blink

  7. Twilight

  8. Errol

  9. Hermes

  10. Pigwidgeon

  11. Brodwin

  12. Archimedes

  13. Hoodini

  14. Poof

  15. Screechie

  16. Dexter

  17. Nyra

  18. Kludd

  19. Primrose

  20. Soren

Birds of Prey

  1. Hawkeye

  2. Captain

  3. Shadow

  4. Pride

  5. Hero

  6. Duke

  7. Phantom

  8. Cloud

  9. Buzz

  10. King

  11. Ryder

  12. Fire

  13. Amber

  14. Medusa

  15. Lady

  16. Mercy

  17. Ghost

  18. Rogue

  19. Aura

  20. Luna

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